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Delaware, OH


August 12

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

Founder of TempleUVUP: & I have helped on a few others over time but am doing well for basically teching myself with a little help from others

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    Collaboration poem Rayvhenwing/Nova Spirit..

    I say unto thee,of little faith,
    a blaze in the northern sky still rages,
    just not were you'd expect it,
    strains of boundless creastivity,
    unremitting darkness,
    fathomless morbidity and above all,
    a desire to push orthodoxy to its utmost.
    utmost limits I say listen to me, all of thee.
    Move past the blind of ridgedness...
    Dive right in, past the sin.
    To see all of the misery
    and enter the realm of fantasy worlds,
    its not as immediately overwhelming,
    but upon closer inspection unfathomably
    more intimidating in its gaping devide
    between museled throb
    and monged-out meltdown
    the rare moments of quietude
    are exceptionlly unsettling
    more thoughly freaked out
    rather than simply freaky
    not so much seeking oblivion
    as a distant forlorn point beyond...
    an intelligent eye opening lyricism
    all thoughtfully bound together
    by a considerate unifying aesthetic.
    Live each role with heart and soul.
    The shades of dark and light.
    Know thyself in these things that you are all.
    The morbidy of death and the painful breath of life...
    Nevertheless,there is a crossword-clue-style
    revelry in this language,thyme and meaning thoughout
    there's a mischievious,pseudo-mystical,concept
    its not so thought out that one day someone's
    gonna reveal the secret messages behind everything
    The phraseology is telling,I suppose you could
    have your thic's shoved so far up your nose
    that you can't see straight,but its a great way
    to work as long as you make ground rules.
    I go in with an analogue philosophy..

    ©~Vlada Mikahl Schoon~

  • Hello Father JP ChrstVampyr

    Well-come to NING CREATORS

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