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February 2

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

Hi, We're Desirée & Edson C. of The Pinup Lifestyle Network ( We run a few networks on Ning and post our tips and feedback as a team. You'll notice who's who by our sig (e/d). If there is anything we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask!

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  • In the beginning we left it open but then we decided to feature blog posts, photos and video (but not the Forum) so that we could have greater control over the content. You'll get a lot of people trying to self-promote and then there's always just blatant spammers out there..
  • NC for Hire
    Your comments:
    "Need your help, would love to pick your brain, a webdev friend knocked out our "gilt"like front page, i received a file with html (easy enough, upload thru file manager) and a file with CSS, it seems like it's the CSS does all the layout, and I just have no idea what to do with the CSS code or where to put it. A nugget of info would go a long way doll, thank you for all that you do and Merry Xmas!"

    Problem is, not a "nugget". Sorry, out of town with a mini PC and slow connection. Bottom line tip: My guess is your webdev friend is probably calling the CSS from the HTML. You need to see if there is a linked CSS file within the HTML. If not, you probably need to (I say probably cause this is a custom job, and I'm not sure what all is taking place):
    1. Upload the CSS file via File Manager
    2. Copy/paste the URL of CSS file you uploaded
    3. Add a link CSS statement in HEAD of HTML, using the new uploaded CSS URL.
    4. Reupload the edited HTML.

    And you may could link to CSS within Custom Code, but problem there: you could have conflicting styles.

    Hope that helps,
  • NC for Hire

    I couldn't ignore the "Happy Festivus"! LOL!!!!!! I love that episode, just the best!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, and all that jazz.


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  • Re my previous message, someone, presumably from Ning, closed the discussion and that was why I could not reply in it. I have reopened it!
  • Many Thanks, at last someone who maybe hopefully understands my frustration.

    Sorry I could not post a reply to your reply to my discussion, but the thread will no longer allow me to post replies!

  • thanks. i'll try to get in touch with him tonight then. need to find out what he plans to do about sitesuites, jisbar and the apps he created for ning. i was doing the sitesuites blog, but with no new developments, there's nothing for me to blog about. i would hate to see his work languish. i missed jana today, will try and call her tomorrow. ryan is completely m.i.a.
  • NC for Hire

    If you don't want the new Welcome Message Box/Banner to be displayed, go to Manage/Appearance/Advanced and add this code:
    #welcome { display:none !important; }
  • Joomla using a Rocket theme and JomSocial...but we are going to do a custom UI with a completely different look---just needed a test site for now.
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