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Los Angeles, CA


August 26

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  • Thats really a good move Alice! The other difference we noticed is that when you feature a forum post on the main page (show featured) it doesn't show rich media as cleanly as it does when it's a blog post.


    What is your typical action when someone makes a killer forum post that should be a blog post so it can get featured on your main page? We have the toughest time explaining the difference between blog posts & discussions to people!

  • Hey Alice, thanks for all that you contribute to the community, it's nice to see another person that has successfully monetized their site! 


    I'm personally a fan of MMM but have always pondered something, why is it that you chose to feature Blog posts vs. Forum posts? What's the limiting factor you've found or the benefit for the decision?

  • I was checking out my Facebook feed just now, and one of my college friends posted a link to So cool!
  • Happy New Year from VinonaStringNetwork!SmileyCentral.comimage.gif
  • I really like your image content slider on your home page just wanted to know
    where I can can get it from?
  • SmileyCentral.comimage.gif
  • SmileyCentral.comimage.gif
  • Hi Alice, I love your site. It's very clean. I was wondering if you could help me with some tips for the look of my site?
  • Hey Alice!

    Good news for you. The framebusting issue is now fixed. When a Ning page framebusts, it should now redirect to the same page, not the main page.

    Let me know if you don't see this on MyModernMet.
    - Evan
  • Great to meet you yesterday! I look forward to learning more from you here as well. :)

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