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Grand Rapids, MI


June 28

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin? Custom hot rods My Personal Websites: Ning site for business builders

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  • Hi Mark, I have a new subscription with NING and am looking for a creator to build my site.. If available please reach out at so we can engage further
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!
    Hugs, LadyHawk (Afterhours)
  • Thank you for the request Mark...Sorry I don't get over here very often.
  • I've paid for my network for a year so I might as well hang in and ride that out - so I'm staying put for now. Looks like they've fixed the keywords issue! Hopefully tags and the text editor stuff will get sorted soon as well.
  • You have a point there - what would you consider the disadvantages of going to Wordpress? There has to be a way to do an open-web magazine type of feel with a Ning...the adventures continue...I have some work to do! :)

  • Im considering going to Wordpress, and starting over there in 2011 - with a new look and a fresh take on the whole thing. Going for more of an open web-magazine feel instead of a private network. Plus Wordpress doesnt cost me anything! The interface is a lot cleaner and they dont have the keyword and tag problems that are here on Ning - and not getting fixed anytime soon.

  • Well - it's getting there. I've had it for almost a year and to be quite honest signups have been slow going and member engagement could be a LOT better. I feel like I'm doing a lot of work for very little return from the members. With wedding websites - the girls want a lot of info without having to sign up it seems!

  • Thats awesome, looking forward to your Vector site - I'm very into graphic design and all things codey :) I run an anti-platinum wedding site specifically for Desi/Indian (dot not feather) chicks who are into DIY, planning on a budget, etc.

  • Hey Mark, thanks for adding me as a buddy here on Creators. Am I reading that you run 5 sites, good googly - where do you find the time, man! lol

  • Hello

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