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San Francisco, California

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I'm the former community manager for the Creators Network

Eric Sewerz replied to SweetPotato's discussion
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"Bravo! Well done. 👏👏"
Jul 16, 2021

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  • I appreciate your comment way back on this thread: same problem, same solution. 

    Appreciate it and happy new year!!

  • NC for Hire

    miss you old buddy..

  • Nice to see u here Eric
  • Oh man.  You fooled me, for sure. 

    But... how can we be sure this isn't actually a double fake-out??    :(

    If it's 'really' you Eric, then send me a PM please and just tell me by what means I recently contacted you.  Then I'll know it's REALLY you and I can relax.

  • It's great to see you, Eric. :-) Wish you were still here monitoring this network. You were an awesome admin to have around. :-)  

    I hope you're having a blast. Wherever you are in life.

    PS you can come back more often :-)

  • Interesting to me given some issues I had the last few days.  My site url changed to ning network from my custom url and I had to reset my password because my old password suddenly quit working

  • Good to see you here, Eric!  Wishing you all the best!

  • NC for Hire
    More dedicated than Ning are that's for sure! :-(

    Good to hear from you, Mr Sewerz, I hope you're well. We miss you round here.

  • Heh. Just goofing off everyone. It's really me. I'm so thrilled that all of you saw this and reached out to make sure I was okay. Hope you're all doing great! Makes me realize how dedicated you all are to this place. My old test network was disabled today, but someone helped me get it back up and running. Even though I no longer am here very often, I still sometimes mess around with my test network for the heck of it and was sad that they had disabled it. But I'm happy that it's back up and running. (Also, I changed my name to Sewerz as a joke for Alex. Don't know if you remember Alex, but he used to work with me and he used to jokingly call me "sewerz" because an NC a long time ago went on a rant and called me that.) 

  • Nice! Maybe Eric was the real Dr Who?

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