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NCs for Hire

About NCs for Hire

Need to hire someone to sharpen up your Ning's site design? Looking for someone to help integrate a third-party widget? Have a specific piece of work you think could be handled by a freelancer? Where do you go to find that person?

To help Ning customers find proven freelancers, we'll curated the NCs for Hire Member Category. These are Network Creators who regularly take on freelance work and who may be able to help you if you've been looking for a qualified person to take on a project.

We've always had a Solution Provider Directory, which lists firms that can be approached for custom development work. NCs for Hire is a little different, though as it's more focused on less-involved projects. If you or your organization needs to dig into the Ning API and create an intensely custom site from scratch, those larger Solution Partners may be who you want to approach. For smaller jobs, site redesigns, or specific things you need done, look to the NCs for Hire.

How it works

  • Each NC for Hire gets a special badge.  
  • All of the NCs for Hire will be listed on their own category page. 
  • NCs for Hire will utilize a Blog Post in the Hire a Creator Group so potential clients will have an idea of what they can expect if they seek to hire them. 
  • NCs for hire will usually list portfolio samples or links to work they've done, testimonials, tips they've created for this community, expertise, contact info — whatever they think is relevant for potential clients. 
  • We'll promote NCs for Hire in newsletters, our community digest, here on Creators, on Twitter, Facebook, etc. When someone posts or asks where to find a good freelancer, this will be our go-to list of folks.

NCs for Hire is a way to recognize members of the Ning customer community who have been proven to be available and successful freelancers. The goal is simply to give them a way and a place to advertise their services.

Want to become an NC for Hire?

If you'd like to join this category, we only have a few things we'd ask of you:

  • We'd like NCs for Hire to have completed at least three projects for Ning customers as a freelancer. Please send us links to three pieces of work you've done for hire. 
  • We'd like NCs for Hire to list the types of services they generally offer — and we encourage them to list types of work they don't do. We just want it to be clear what you do and don't do so folks can get an idea before contacting you. 
  • We'd like NCs to provide at least three examples of their work in a blog post in the Hire a Creator Group by linking to some of their finished projects. If you have approved testimonials from happy customers, even better!

If that sounds good to you, feel free to send the Community Manager a private message to start the process. If we can add you to the list, we will.

NC For Hire Disclaimer

The Ning Creators Network provides this list of NCs for Hire to facilitate connections between Network Creators looking for assistance with their networks and those who provide paid freelance assistance.

Entering an agreement with a third-party contractor such as an NC for Hire is done at your own discretion and Ning cannot mediate a contract for you or be responsible for the end product. 

For general advice on hiring a freelancer, we recommend the following links: 

How to Hire a Developer (

How to Hire the Right Freelance Web Designer(The Next Web)

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