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Are you ready to add some POWr to your Ning Network or any other site you administrate? Last week, I literally fell out of my chair when I discovered what is quite possibly the coolest web service to date mega- plug-in, add-on for any community.. So, over the next week or so I will be whipping up more than a few demonstrations of the POWr plugins on Ning sites to show you the capabilities and possibilities. Let's get right to it

What is POWr?


One of the coolest aspects of POWr is the ability to add its functionality to practically any type of site or content management system.  You can now easily take your community into the pages of other websites, as a POWrful Feed.Imagine having the ability to bring your entire facebook, twitter, instagram or ANY other RSS feed into any page or any module on your Ning Network.  Youtube Videos Without Having to Import Entire Channels.  Yes

Yes it is customizable, even for the non-est of coders.

Yes. There is a free version.  

The upgraded paid version is 100% worth it and for all you widget lovers, POWr could probably replace everything else you pay for monthly.

Yes.  You can run multiple instances on pages.  After Signing up, try out a few demos and test them out...there are many plugins to choose from.  Just add the first part of code from any of the following demos

1) Before going any further, you will need to sign up for your own POWr account so that you can get your own access token. This token will be the key to making this work and will replace every instance of the "YOURID" mentioned below in the demos

2) Changing the Value for "Enter a Label" mentioned in any of the demos below will make that plugin unique inside a page.  This gives you the ability to run multiple instances on any page.

STEP ONE: Open Custom Code in the Social Site Manager, and paste this script into the Code section. 

STEP TWO:  You can click and drag to position and resize the Form Builder app on the page. 

Click Save, then click Publish to save your changes and publish them on your live site. 

STEP THREE: Open any Forum, Blog, or Article post, and switch to the HTML Editor. 

STEP FOUR: Paste the following code snippet in the editor, and Publish. 

DEMO ONE:  Import Instagram Feed to Ning Page or Group -Live Example


Add the following code provided by POWr to your ""Custom Code <HEAD> section"

<script src="//" powr-token="YOURID" external-type="html"></script>

Now add this code to a HTML Content Box

<div class="powr-rss-feed" label="Enter a Label"></div>

DEMO TWO: Import RSS Feed into Ning Group Page with Pinterest Style Layout - Live Example

Add the following code provided by POWr to your ""Below Footer HTML"

<script src="//" powr-token="YOURID" external-type="html"></script>

Now add this code to a HTML Content Box

<div class="powr-rss-feed" label="Enter a Label"></div>

In addition to the demos i have planned to post here, there are More Demos to Check out in this post on my Ning project blog

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