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Did you ever think of an idea like taking your members to a specific page after they have successfully logged-in to your site? Say for instance taking them to a promo/contest page after log-in? or on a page where you introduce new stuffs or announce an important message to your members? well lately I've been thinking of achieving this very cool idea of linking a different landing page other than the main page after sign-in, this time I want it to go to members profile page, I want my members to check their profile page first before they continue to browse the site. Now the question is did I make it? luckily I was able to figure it out and Now I am sharing this to all of the creators out there who's trying to do the same and hope that you will find this tip useful. To those who are interested you have my simple instructions below follow it carefully.


You may want to test it first before using it on your site? Alright copy/paste the link below on a new page. Replace "NETWORKNAME" to your own domain name. In this demo if you login as a creator you will be redirected to your profile page instead of the dashboard. Let me know how it works for you! :)



Ready to use this on your site? Follow the steps below. Important: in this tutorial we will be using the language editor and we will be making some changes on it. Please make sure that you do only the changes that I instruct here. Any obligation arising from not following my instructions is out of my responsibility.


What do we need?

  1. Language Editor ( where to find Language Editor? go to manage>Language Editor)
  2. Landing page Link (ex. in my case the link of the landing page is since I want my members to be redirected to his/her profile after a successful log-in )


  1. Navigate to Language Editor and select your active language.
  2. On the search field search for the word "Sign in" (without quotation)
  3. On the result page scroll down and look for the following bolded texts below and replace it with the red text that I placed beside it. Change "networkname" to your domain name and supply your landing page link after target=

    • or <a %s>Sign In</a> replace with or <a href=" YOUR LANDING PAGE LINK HERE">Sign In</a>

    • Already a member? <a %s>Sign in</a> replace with Already a member? <a href=" YOUR LANDING PAGE LINK HERE">Sign in</a>

    • Sign In replace with <a href=" YOUR LANDING PAGE LINK HERE">Sign in</a>

  4. Hit "save page" and your all set! Now try it! Sign out and then sign back in. :)

Would love to hear your feedbacks! -v

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  • The last one made the button all weird like <a href= and then next to the button Sign in/>

    Bit weird, the button still works though, any thoughts?



  • You've got to clear up he Funny codes that splatter around  the sign up buttons ... wot could possibly be done right?

    • Has there been any progress on the button how to fix the html as stated above you can see the href link when its posted like this. It appears it doesnt like html in the language editor for this field?

  • The same problem as  information.hypno. How to fix it?

This reply was deleted.

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