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I've heard MANY people who want a way to archive their message broadcasts....well, there is a simple way, just not ON the network, but this is still a great way to do it......i use gmail, and it has a feature called "labels". Other emails may have similar, im pretty sure, but I wouldn't know, i've used gmail exclusively for years. Other email services may call them "Folders" or something like that, it is essentially the same thing. These instructions will be for Gmail, as that's what I use. I'm sure other services setup is very similar.


Anyway, what you can do, is create a message broadcast, and send yourself a preview of it with the link under the text editor. It can be anything, call it "test" and just don't actually send it out to everyone, just a preview to yourself. 


Now go to your email account, put a check mark in the box next to the preview message you just sent yourself, and then click the dropdown menu titled "labels", and go to "create new". Name your label "Message Broadcast Archive" and click OK, and you are done! Now all of your message broadcast previews will go into that label by default.  Off to the side a new module will be there now (unless you've already started using labels) where you will see "Message Broadcast Archive" listed, and you can click it, and your view will show only the emails attached to that label.....pretty cool eh?


With Gmail, you can manage the labels, change colors, all kinds of things. Labels are very useful, you will likely end up creating all kinds of labels for email you regularly get and have a need to be able to quick reference.





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  • I use "Rules" in the Mac OS X Mail app. Automatically puts all of my broadcast messages in a special folder, and there I can see when I sent one out last, how many this month etc.
  • You can also use gmail filters to automatically label these - you just need to be clever about what you're filtering for.... example, if I filter for the name of my network, all messages from my network will be labeled this way.  maybe I want that, but maybe I don't.  

    So if you send yourself a test message, include the word "test broadcast" in the subject and filter for that - that may do the trick for automatically labeling it, unless you also get other emails with the word "test broadcast" in the subject. If you do, those will also be automatically labeled as well.

    • ANOTHER good way to do it in Gmail, good one, deb! i use labels in gmail, to me its easier. the only message broadcasts i get from my network are previews, so i just do it that way. Filters are based on title & content, (if i remember right).....labels are based on the sender, and the only email i get from my network in that email account are my broadcast previews. But again, yes Deb, i like that idea too!


      Again folks, most all email services have similar tools, so toy around and try it out, its really convenient.

      • thanks SR.  you can filter in gmail by any of the following:




        Has words

        Doesn't have words

        Has attachment


        I strongly recommend doing a test search to see what turns up - you can also label all your previous emails if you do this - just be sure to check the box that says "Also apply to conversations below" on the final page of setting up your filter before checking "Create Filter"


        •, it goes back to old emails and adds the filtering? now that is cool right there. i like it better than labels by far if it does that
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