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Add Hosted Audio Files from Google Drive to Your Ning Network

Here's something that I discovered today which may make your life easier when trying to add music to your ning network, but cannot get around the upload limits.  This solution will allow you to upload full length podcasts, radio shows and LARGE audio files.


The Process:

Step One: Upload an audio file to your Google Drive Account and then go to the file inside the drive browser. 

Step Two: (Works really well using Firefox)Now Click Download and you should see it downloading inside your here is the trick: Right click on where it is downloading and click Copy Download Location or Copy Source URL >  Then click cancel download.    Now go over to notepad and paste that URL for the next part. Should look something like this:


Step Three:  Now remove everything after the last ? and replace it with &type=.mp3

Should now look like this:

Step Four:  Go to your profile (provided you have music player on your network) and Click +Add Music.  Then on that page click +Add Music by URL   Add that entire URL to the first place to insert an address. On the next screen upload an image which represents that audio file and save.  You might like to click edit one last time and you'll see a new option called MORE which will allow you to add more relevant info about the track for search engines..  If you like you can try adding the URL above to test.  It is a reggae radio show my friend Ras Dave plays on Wednesdays from Noon to 2pm.

ENJOY long playing podcasts and radio shows on your ning network!


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  • This is good one :)

    thank you,  JFarrow!!

  • Seriously rad tip. Well played!

  • Awesome! I am going to use this for the future, I wish Ning had increased limits on how much music one can add to ones profile as there are a lot of things I could do with a test member profile used for lectures and other things one could use the music feature for. I would love to be able to have urls for music that way it could truly be like social engine and other website players that have music as a full featured module.

  • NC for Hire

    Anyone tried this out on their network yet?

  • NC for Hire

    still a rock solid hack.. just used it!

This reply was deleted.

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