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There are many reasons for why you might like to create a search feed for your network.  For example, inside groups you have a RSS module which you might like to keep updated on a particular topic.  I've been doing this for years using the RSS feed that Google generates at the bottom of a search results page.  I just run a search, copy the feed URL and plug it into the RSS of a group on a particular topic.  BOOM  a constantly updated group on autopilot.  Now you can do this with a Bing search with this quick little hack:


Say you want to run a search for "Land Surveyors Support" (look whos number 1)


You get a URL like this:


How to Get RSS Feed from Bing Search

To create an RSS feed in Bing, conduct a search, and at the end of the URL from the search results screen add the following text: &format=rss


NOTE:  for the example below, i used RSS2GIF to demonstrate the feed capabilities

Our Result:


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  • dude you always have super cool tips and ideas, who woulda thought to use a google search rss to keep a group constantly rolling with content? my mind just went kaboom with ideas! 


     I liked your page, and it wasn't til then I realized you are in Charleston, SC.....I was born there, Roper Hospital I think it was. We moved when I was a little baby, never been back but want to. I always thought you were in Louisiana, I guess because of the LSU logo, lol. Very nice tips, thanks for sharing!


    EDIT: I feel very dumb asking this, but I do not see an rss button at the bottom of searches I am doing on Google. Is it hidden in one of the "About Google" or other Google hyperlinks?

    • NC for Hire
      the way to get RSS from google is not to use the web search, but to perform a search, then switch to News or Blogs and each one of those has an RSS link at bottom of page....hope this helps...thanks for the remarks....been doing the Google thing for a while..!
    • NC for Hire

      thank you brother

  • once again a great tip from jfarrow..thanks
  • ok, I don't want to be a land surveyor. 

    but I like the idea for my site.

    can you make a video?


This reply was deleted.

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