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In our design studio we can make just about every change to the menus and links we need all that is except for our sub nav menus. These menus are thing like the categories above a page, group nav menus and also in our email. The other area we can't make changes to are the tabContainers tabs.

So here is a way to be able to make those changes, once again you can see this working on my site and below are some links to take you to some examples.

Blog Page:

Photo page showing some categories:  Note:see the extra tip at the bottom of how to have different menu colours on particular pages as in this example.

TabContainer Examples: Social Channels Page:   Members Page:

Groups List Menu:

In A Group :

All we need to be able to design them is some CSS, below I have placed the code into the relevent sections. A key is given so you can see which parts do what so you can make changes to fit your site. And finally at the bottom is some extra information of how to be able to have different looking menus for certain pages.


BACKGROUND COLOUR: This is the colour of the tabs and looks like this; background-color: #00a6eb; you can use hex values as shown or you can just write the colour name like this; background-color: blue
TEXT COLOUR: This is shown like this: color: #FFF and again could be wrote like this color:white  Note: note that code tends to use American spelling so it is wrote like this color instead of this colour
BORDER-RADIUS: This is the amount of roundness you want on the corners of the tab, the higher the value the more round it becomes
TEXT-DECORATION: This is what gives you an underline to links when hovered over so this is removed to keep the tab looking cleaner
BORDER-BOTTOM: On some themes the tabs have a border at the bottom of it when hovered over or for the active tab, again this is removed for a cleaner tab
THE HOVER COLOURS: In the code you will see wrote in the opening line the word hover, where you see this is for the hover colour setting
CURRENT: As in the hover this is the colour for the current active tab
MARGIN-RIGHT: This is just a small margin added to the right of each tab so there is a little space between them.

Here is the css used to be able to add some design changes, this just goes in your custom css section

/* Categories etc */
.subnav li { margin-right:3px;margin-bottom:5px }
.subnav li a { background-color: #00a6eb; color:white; padding:10px; border-radius:2px;}

.subnav li a:hover, .subnav li.subnav-current > a {
    background-color: #0EA545; color: #FFF; text-decoration: none;}

/* Groups Page Categories Menu */
.groupHeader-nav .subnavline > li { margin-right:3px; margin-bottom:5px }
.groupHeader-nav .subnavline > li a{ background-color: #00A6EB; color: #FFF; padding:10px; border-radius:2px;border-bottom:none; }

.groupHeader-nav .subnavline > li:hover > a, .subnavline > li.current > a { background-color: #0EA545;
    color: #FFF; text-decoration: none;border-bottom:none}

/* Tab Containers Navigation */
.tabContainerSection-tabs.subnavline > li > span{
 color:white;border:none;background-color:#00a6eb;margin-right:3px;margin-bottom:5px; border-radius:3px }
.tabContainerSection-tabs.subnavline span:hover{color:white; background-color: #0EA545;}
li.tabContainerSection-tab.current > span{ background-color: #0EA545;color:white}


You can make different coloured menus depending on particular pages if you wanted those different to the default code we have added above. You simply need to add the page name before the lines of code you want to change. For example I have added the code above as the default for the site but I want to have my photos page categories a different colour so I would simply add the page name before the code like this

.page-photos .subnav li a { background-color: black; color:white; padding:10px; border-radius:2px;}
.page-photos .subnav li a:hover, .page-photos .subnav li.subnav-current > a {
    background-color: seashell; color: black; text-decoration: none;}

So in the above code I have changed the colour of the tabs to black and the text color is white. For the hover and current I changed the tab colour to seashell and the text black.

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