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Ning has yet to fix attachments so looking for some advice about Ning 2.0.

I currently have javascript that will redirect a visitor to register or sign in when they attempt to download an attachment. See it below. 

However, now Ning is asking users to attach files right in the discussion with the file URL showing as

Is anyone got javascript to modify mine below and redirect an unregistered user to register or login when clicking on the storage URL? 

P.S. - Don't ask me why Ning doesn't follow accepted practice and standards of other communities and LMSs - inorder to download anything you should be logged in!!!!!!


$('.attachments li a').click(function () {
if ($('#xn_signout').html() != "Sign Out" || $('#xn_signout').html() == null) {
$(window.location).attr('href', '');
return false;

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