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 Hi there,


      My members are uploading Photos over 44MB on my network. Since Ning keeps these HUGE original files after compress it for better performance, and make it double in size. I am running out of space on my network. Nobody can upload anything until I change my plan for an expensive plan. 

I asked on the support to create a limit photo size and they said, they can't do it. But they do on Ning itself. Try to upload a photo here on the forum, the maximum size will be 3MB

Anyway, How can I try to have control over what my members upload? I am talking about photo size. ( file size )  

In the past, around 2009 Ning has some control on it, like limit the number of photos a member could upload per day, but they took it away And One single member can Upload 10GB in photos in just one day.

I have only 2660 Photos on my network. On my computers, this takes only a 1.2GB, not 10 GB 

Anyway, My question is. How can I try to control it?


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  • I have over 18000 photos on my site and and a few thousand videos I’ve only used 7 gb 

    • Hi there,


      I honestly don't understand. I am a photographer and I use a professional camera. 2000  photos take around 2.5 Gb on my computer. How come My network is full like that?

      • Any way 

        How can I limited members upload?

        • You can make it to where you have to approve the photos they upload so you can control how much you want to allow per day on your site 

          • hi,


            How can i do it?

            I looking for it, but i didin't find it. Do you think is the only way?

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