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NC for Hire

Hi Folks,

It's been a long time since we last saw each other here, I was so busy with local projects. And sorry for not getting in touch with you all. Intially, Ning Creators was alive and kicking. We used to help each other.. All of them were so helpful and active (That does not mean no one is helful now). I was very young during those days.  Now I'm almost an old person, LOL

What are the possible reaons Ning Creators is so inactive now-a-day ? Can we bring the same environment back? 

Your in put please!!!!


Best wished


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  • NC for Hire

    the reason that many people like you available to everyone and the community have disappeared, so we still want you with us if you have time to spend in Ning,easy to ask questions when we're the first to go

    • NC for Hire

      Thanks buddy, I will try to come here  as much as I can.

  • NC for Hire

    miss you buddy!

    • NC for Hire


      • NC for Hire

        you got it my brother... let's get together and create some collaborative tips!

  • Dear Lama,

    Alex - Rosas † Negras is perhaps right. However, this cannot be a single reason. In my view here are some of the points-

    1. People who used to bring tips disappered, some abandoned their sites and some moved to others and some are now passive...- As identified by Alex - Rosas † Negras 

    2. New Ning Owners are very reluctant in comparison to the older owners who used to even listen to the voices of the customers. I hope you will remember the Ning move from free to paid, change of owners then again change of owners... just remember how they used to listen to us. Even in one point of time we used to get the legacy status. I hope you rember that.

    3. The periodic broadcast message we used to receive now disapper.

    4. Very frequent posting regarding updates in features and facilities from Ning owners now cannot be seen

    5. The members motivation from the side of the creators dispear. - Creators in the News, Creators' Stories, etc.

    6. The customer support team of Ning at that time were excellent. You post something over the creators, and withing a few minutes they used to jump and provide a response. I can still remember Eric Suesz, he is still in our heart.

    Alex - Rosas † Negras
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