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  • Hi Chris, I have a new subscripton with NING and am looking for a creator to build my site.. If available please reach out at so we can engage further
  • Hey Chris please leave your comment here

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  • Thanks for the note Chris. You're right, it's still there. We don't have plans to take it away -- I just didn't realize it was still around :)
  • Chris, thanks for your feedback and for helping out other Creators today w/ the Activity Feed. Really appreciate it!
  • I would like to invite you and your company to Join the Who's

    Who for Businesses, it is a collection of the best people and companies.

    Our goal is simple gather the best of the best and then bring people to you.

    It's free and you can gain tons of exposure!




    Thank you

  • no existe ni yo puedo entra pero bien que cobran!!!!!! como se puede borrar



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    Peace and Blessings Always,

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    Always remember to live your life
    in a way that's right for you.
    Everything you do should make you happy
    and those who may at first disagree will hopefully,
    in time, be happy for you, too.
    Then you will come to see...
    when you follow your "own" heart,
    the choices you make will always be the right ones.
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    Peace and Blessings Always,

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