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Bizz ( John ) posted a discussion
Hi CreatorsWell i've been away for a while but have been keeping an eye on the forum and am seeing a lot of questions about things that I may be able to help you out with so am going to be opening a new site very soon. I see some new faces on here s…
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
If you are looking for a way to push RSS feeds from your Ning Community into a custom tab on your facebook page, this is the perfect combination, using just 2 apps.  This should take you between 10-15 minutes to get perfect.  Here we go....First go…
Oct 18
Steve C posted a discussion
I'd like each group to have an activity stream with only its content. Is there a way to do that with the activity module? RSS or similar if not?Thanks
Oct 7
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Now that my site switched over to SSL a lot of my older Youtube videos are not showing anymore due to them being http instead of https from Youtube. Is there anyway to edit the embed/iframe code that was used on our sites. 
Oct 3
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Does anyone know of a way to eliminate the mobile side of our 2.0 sites so the desktop version always displays first on a smartphone? I searched thru the archives but no one actually resolved it. 
Sep 27
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
If you visit your Ning Community from your phone often this is a time saver to check out..If so, you probably have that site bookmarked in your browser so you can quickly launch it whenever you want to visit it.Did you know you can actually place an…
Sep 26
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
I can not get the sign in to work with both Facebook and Twitter. It stopped working several months ago and I always thought it was because my site needed to upgrade to SSL. Now that it is SSL it still won't work. I've gone thru the instruction forw…
Sep 24
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Is there any way to embed or iframe the 2.0 Photo Slide Show to another website? I'm talking about from the Features Layout tab with the "Photos - Most Viewed" in the Ning App. 
Sep 21

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