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  • Jane,

    Can you let me know your ticket # so we can dive deeper into the signup issues you're reporting?

  • Hi Jane!

    For any of the custom Text Boxes, I just clicked to edit the box and it has the option to edit the text.

    For widgets like Photos, videos etc., I enabled the British English Language file (1. I'm British - it's a pride thing! 2. I could keep the default US English language file untouched), and have painstakingly gone through to DOUBLE UP on English & Chinese wherever I can.

    You will notice 'Photo' appear about 6 or 8 times in the language file - ONE of them will be the one that appears in the box tops!

    Of course it does clutter things up a lot, but it seems to have been understood and well-received by all of our members.

    Let me know how you get on! :-D
  • hi jane
This reply was deleted.


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