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  • Have questions that members have to answer on sign up (e.g. country of origin)
  • Download your Ning member list, extract email addresses, and group them into segments based on sign-up answers (e.g. segment = country of origin - India, Australia, Canada, US, Europe, etc.)
  • Create groups on your network, representing these segments (e.g. Indian Chapter, American Chapter, etc.)
  • Invite all members from Canada to join the Canadian Chapter, etc.
  • Entice these groups to compete against each other (e.g. India vs. US) by sending requests to all members of all these newly created groups to invite fellow citizens to join - and outdo other countries 
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  • One of the other sites I'm on (Ning Site of course) utilizes this perfectly and it definitely has an impact. I have set groups by profession in entertainment or hobbies. Because one of my site's big focuses is to be a one stop shop to those in the entertainment field it helps!
  • Ive already implemented  this strategy for the past 2 years now...

    It works, but only as long as it takes a new member to try it out, then due to lack of other member engagement, you end up lossing new members nearly as quickly as you gain them, because no one speaks to them to say hello! QED


    We have organised North South Events, only to find that events in the South are well attended by members from the North, but NO members from the south turned up! So what ever you attempt works for a short time, then because of the weight on NON users, new users fall by the wayside.

    So no easy solutions


  • Great ideas - thanks!
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