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Hey everyone! First time writing here, I hope it's useful.


Here's a way I keep my members interested, busy and coming back again and again to our Network. Using the Chat application!


1. I created a whole Online Programming for the Chat. Of course I have moderators; I myself only manage one of the Online Chat Programs while other members who I've chosen carefully moderate the other shows. The Program is posted on a Blog page and can be accessed from the main menu (Live Online Program). So every day we have a "Show" using the simple Chat application from Ning.

We create themes for each program and topics, a whole schedule that is announced to all members.


2. But recently we took it to the next level. We invite Special Guests to our Chats to "talk" about a specific topic or to answer questions from members who connect that day. It's been awesome! Actually it's been so great I'm adding that as a Bonus to a MARKETING plan I sell to customers who want to reach my audience.


3. When we have a very interesting topic for let's say, the Monday Chat, we add it as an event and invite the whole community.


4. On February we actually had an Online Open House. That's where it all started. We programmed 4 Chats that day, with 4 different experts (all members of the community by the way) at different hours. We posted the Open House on Fb and Twitter and a bunch of people joined our community in just a few days to participate.


5. Next step will be to sell "adds" for the show. If I'm the moderator of the Monday show, I can ask customers for a fee to mention them on my Program via Chat.


I only hope at some point the chat conversations can be recorded by administrators so we can post interviews and important info shared on this simple but wonderful application.


Notes: My Network is a community for business women. Its content is mainly in Spanish. But if anyone's curious you can check it out here:


Thanks for reading, to our success!

Idaliz Escalante

Mujer Empresaria de Hoy

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  • Thank you so much that is a great idea. Will look into it that is a God send

  • yo thats genius
  • Hello Idaliz,


    Are you talking about the Ning chat?

  • Hi Kay, that would be awesome! Thanks for the friend request, I've added you. I'm gonna follow your link and check out your site to see what is all about. You can contact me on private here on Creators or my email.

    Great weekend to you all!

  • Hi Henry, that's next on my to-do list!
  • Fascinating. Thanks for sharing. I have sent you a friend request. I'd like to message you privately. I have an online community for women (Here Women Talk) supported by our own live online radio (live 24/7) with talk shows on weekdays (music rest of time). I'd like to collaborate with you on a show for Spanish-speaking women.
  • Will you be adding a translation button to your site.
  • thanks - We'll try it sometime soon & I'll let you know how it goes... A blog about how to manage this would be wonderful.
  • Hey Deb, go ahead! Start out with someone you are familiar with and knows how to use the Chat. It’s a simple tool yet some have little experience chatting and are not as quick as they need to be. Be aware also that people come "in and out" and you (or guest) will probably be interrupted more than once by people saying "hello", "how's everyone", "what's today’s topic". So you or your guests need to answer quickly and jump right back to where you were.

    Maybe I should include a Blog about how to manage the chat when having guests?.. hum.

    Anyway, I can assure you it'll be a success and your members, like mine, will be coming back for more every time. I've had members tell me "wow, I spend more time in this network and like it more than Facebook"!

  • Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing these - I've been thinking about adding scheduled live chats with special guests - this motivates me to try this out.
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