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  • haahahahaa! that was awesome! thanks for sharing it!
  • LOL - great video and explanation
  • LOL!! This was good entertainment! (",)
  • This is wonderful on so many different levels.
  • |o| hE diD 4 da lulz.

    Thanks for posting this, Manny. I need it.



  • That is a great video! Thanks for sharing!
  • I love the video. I think you have to have forum guidelines, which I recently implemented and strictly enforce them. Any kind of disrespectful or rude behavior results in deletion or suspension. Love the video . . .
  • Terrific.
  • Hahahaha!   Great!




    And the question remains:  how do we treat members that trespass these simple guidelines?  Having guidelines is all nice and well,  but when do we need an NC or an admin kick into action?

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