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How to Reset a Member's Profile Photo

As part of a recent update, I noticed Ning implemented a very nice feature: the ability for admins to reset a member's profile photo.Come to think of it: how many times have you seen a member join and slap a profile photo in violation of the guidelines for your network. Until this update, you were only able to "deal" with this by messaging the member and/or banning him/her.Now, you can reset the profile photo, reverting it back to the default avatar, by clicking on the Reset Profile Photo link under the Admin Options header in the member's profile page:

You are then presented with a confirmation screen that lets you optionally send the member a message (very convenient too):

That's it! Voila. After the reset goes through, the profile photo is substituted by your network's default image.

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  • Yes it would be great to be able to go one step further an upload a profile image on behalf of a member. I find that the majority of logos uploaded by my members do not display properly.

    The easiest way to address this would be for me to simply resize the image for them to 175x175 pixels myself and upload it for them.

    At the moment I have to resize the image and then send it back to them for them to upload themselves.
  • If that is the case, I'd recommend reporting it to Doesn't sound right.
  • Yes, I am the only administrator!
  • William,
    Are you looking at member pages on a network where you had admin privileges?
  • I can't find "Reset Profile Photo" on my members page. Only on my own (creator's page), what am I missing?
  • I like that idea, Richard. I recommend posting about it on the Product Ideas and Suggestions category in the forum.
  • yeah I caught this one day and was excited... I missed the announcement too ...
  • This is a cool option indeed... but still we are stuck to the standard picture. Now what if we could reset it with one of the personal photos from the members photoalbum, se we wouldn't have to look at a standard picture?

    Since i require a facial picture in my social network the reset-function is pointless for my social network.. I'd love to choose from the members photoalbum :)

  • Hey thank you soooooo much for this information. I had no idea we we were able to do this now. There was nothing mentioned to the creators. I have been wanting this for over a year because sometimes you change your default and if a person has been a member for a while theirs would not change to the current. Also I did have a couple that were not in good taste for me and had no way of chnging it. Well I just went back through all of those that I could not change to the current default and did so. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  • This is awesome Manny, thanks! We've also posted an FAQ on this topic here.
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