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ning_pageNing is a great platform that allows organizations and individuals to launch their very own niche social network in only a few minutes time. As a Ning certified partner, over the last few years The Bivings Group has built and designed Ning-based sites for clients such as The Pickens Plan, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans and America and the National Peace Corps Association. We think Ning is a great solution for organizations looking to launch their very own social network quickly and cost effectively.

As a result of our work with Ning, folks frequently get in touch with us asking for help in setting up and designing their network. Most of the time their needs are pretty modest – they just want someone to help them create a custom design for their network or some initial advice as to how to set up and manage their community. Since our focus is on larger development projects, we typically haven’t been able to help.

As a way of filling this void, today we are pleased to launch a cost-effective new suite of Ning consulting services. For a one-time fee of $2,500, we will create and implement a custom design for your Ning network and provide some initial advice on how to get the most out of your network. If you need help developing your overall strategy, integrating your network with a CRM, managing your network long term or completing custom development work, we can help with that too.

Learn more about our Ning services here.

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  • It costs nothing to design our site - just patience! With the new Design Studio being launched this Wednesday (9th. Feb) there won't be much call for designers.

  • Thanks for this. I recently got an offer to make a white lable clone of DGA Events and I had no idea what I could charge.  :-)
  • I will 1-consult, 2-create, 3-implement, for a mere $1500.

  • Hey Marshall just saw this post... Thanks for mentioning Use Ning:)

  • For the service you provide  I think this fee is reasonable and competitive, only if you serious about your network.


  • Anthony - for the one-time fee of $2,500 we are planning to (1)  conduct an initial consultation with the client where we help define site goals and determine design direction, (2) create a custom design for the network and (3) implement the custom design.  If more help is needed beyond that additional fees would apply.



  • A consulting service for a one time fee for $2,500.00. Just want to be clear.

  • I have no doubt we're too expensive for many folks, and know what we're offering isn't for everyone.  However, there are a lot of small organizations and companies looking for a professionally designed network at a fair price.  Those are the people we're trying to serve.



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