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Welcome to Ning Creators!

This is it: the network on Ning for Network Creators run by Network Creators is here, people!As another Network Creator, the author of Ning for Dummies and one of the Ning Creators Guides, I am glad that we have a network for Network Creators back on Ning. Many of us were missing the feel of rubbing shoulders with other fellow Network Creators. We live in the trenches, using Ning day in, day out in our networks and we can often offer great advice and answers to other Network Creators, new or experienced.Ning Creators is here to offer Network Creators with a place to connect with others who, like you, are using Ning to develop niche social networks.The network Forum is set up to allow you to be informed about the latest from Ning; read popular questions about Ning and answer questions from fellow creators; learn best practices to improve your network; get feedback about your network; and offer ideas to improve Ning as a platform as well as Ning Creators. Make sure to check out the Forum categories.Before you dive in, take a few minutes to read the Guidelines: they are some simple rules of the road, so we can all make the most of this space.Also, allow me to introduce the rest of the Guides. Each of them has a lot of experience creating and developing networks on Ning:







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  • This is a great learning platform. Wooot woooot !
  • Gracias por esta forma de comunicacion!!!
  • I am a creator and would like to know what can be done about threats from a person that has been suspended.
  • Thanks for creating this Network!!
  • Me parece fantastico el trabajo que realizan aqui, todavia no lo miro todo, pero me ha encantado. Muchisimas gracias!
  • Um, hi... I've just joined and I'm a young Ning Network creator, so I a going to need alot of help, all of you are more experianced than me, but I'm still happy to be here! :)
  • I’m brand-new here. You’ve made me feel just as I have in mind for members of my soon-to-be-launched network: welcome .. supported .. equipped with the tools I need to get the job done .. and connected to people who understand my situation, want me to succeed, and will help me do so! Thank you mightily.
  • Awesome! Nice to meet everyone :)
  • Be sure to check the Welcome Center for how to get started here!
  • What happened? I can`t post video on member wall.
This reply was deleted.

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