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NC for Hire

I love the language editor on Ning.  It is one of my favorite things about the platform.

Say you're having an international virtual event for your community members...and you wanna change this..


To this:


Just go to the language editor and search for original phrase and change it.  Search for Invite More People and change it to Invite more Rabbit Hunters or Autograph Collectors...  something for the search engines... ya know!!


So how bout something like this which is more of an opportunity to include more information for search engines and visitors...


Personally i don't like to be told what i need to do, so i changed it like so....


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  • Good tip for those who don't know about the language editor as it's a useful tool. Here is a little tip I've used on previous sites.

    As changes you make here affect all the pages ie changing the invite more people text to something else that will display on all events so here is a little trick so you can add different text if you want to certain events. For instance, we want to have the default Invite More People to display but maybe for a certain event you may want say Invite Members To This Fantastic Event. If we changed it in the language editor that would display on all the invite message part for all events so here is how you can do it.

    First of all go into your language editor and search for Invite More People and you should then see the part we need to edit, if you then remove just the More People bit and leave behind the Invite bit that is all we need. See image

    5162154066?profile=RESIZE_930xNext we can now add some css for our custom text.

    First we can add back in the default text for More People so normal members will still see the Invite More People text

    /* Default Invite Message*/
    li.eventPage-detail a[href$="=composeInvites"]::after{content:" More People";}

    Now for the Admin of the site you can adjust your own event or edit the text for someone else's event. You can add as many of these as you like for particular events as we can use the events name in the url.

    For example in this the event is called Test 2 so if you open an event you will see it's name at the end of the url and in the list of the event Ning adds this to the end =composeInvites and that is what we use to distinguish this from all the other items in the list. So the actual end of the url would be this   /test-2=composeInvites

    Ok that may all sound complicated but basically all you need to do is change the test name test-2 for the event name in the code then in the ::After{content:" add you message here";} make sure you leave a bit of space after the first "

    So here is how it will look for event Test 2

    /* Invite message For Event Test 2 */
    li.eventPage-detail a[href$="/test-2=composeInvites"]::after{content:" More To Harley Quinn";}

    And here is how that will look

    5162660062?profile=RESIZE_930xYou can add as many as you like for individual events just by adding the event name. We always leave the default one then add the others so here is how it would look in youor css for the default message, the harley quinn one and another event

    /* Default Invite Message*/
    li.eventPage-detail a[href$="=composeInvites"]::after{content:" More People";}

    /* Invite message For Event Test 2 */
    li.eventPage-detail a[href$="/test-2=composeInvites"]::after{content:" More To Harley Quinn";}

    /* Invite message For Event Test 3 */
    li.eventPage-detail a[href$="/test-3=composeInvites"]::after{content:" More To This Great Event";}


    Hope you find it useful

    Bizz :-)


    • NC for Hire

      Wow Bizz... great tip!  I'll have to try that out...

      By chance would you have any ideas about how to float a Join button on top of Group icons in a grid?  In other words so when a member hovers over a group icon and name a join button would pop up?  Just an idea for ya...

      thanks Bizz

      • Thanks Justin, yea it should be possible but the only difficulty would be to have to check if the person hovering over the group is already a part of it. The easy way around that I suppose would be have it say join/Go to Group. Will have a think about that.

        Oh by the way my site seems like it's running ok now so you can go ahead and give that profile thing a test out.


      • Do you mean over the groups list or a custom grid of group icons you are creating ? For a quick and easy message you could do something like this

        And that is done just with css

        .groupHub-group .matrix-item a.matrix-media-1-1::before{
        content: "Join In";
        display: none;
        padding: 20px;
        text-align: center;
        background-color: white;
        border-radius: 0px 0px 10px 10px;
        border: solid 1px lightgray;
        font-size: 1.3em;
        .groupHub-group .matrix-item a.matrix-media-1-1:hover::before{
        display:block;animation: 0.4s ease-out 0s 1 slideDown;
        @keyframes slideDown {
        0% {
        transform: translateY(-100%);
        100% {
        transform: translateY(0%);


        • NC for Hire

          that's awesome... now will it trigger the    "=join" at the end of the URL... probably not without some javascript....  but yes this is exactly what i was trying to accomplish...   if the join button click would automatically make them Join the group i guess that is the second part i need to figure out...

          thanks again Bizz!

          • No worries Justin. Yes can add the join url so if not a member will go to the join but it might confuse members who hover over the group that are already a member of the group. Will see what can come up with next to do some sort of check on the member who is hovering over the group so if not a member will show the join and if already a member of the group will not show the join.

            Will see what can come up with bud :-)

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