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I saw an older list somewhere on the network but it was missing a few key things that imo, would make Ning even better than it is!


Mentions - Ability to mention members of the community in updates, posts, in chats, basically anywhere on the network.

Share/Reshare - Ability to share and reshare what others have already posted. So if I was on someone's page and saw that they posted something I really liked two months ago, I could reshare it and have it show up in the activity feed and elsewhere...

Update Likes - Can we please have it that almost everything has the like feature available? So events, comments, messages in chats, etc...

Friend-Only Activity - Would be great if there was a way to see the latest activity of only friends. This could be an option in addition to the current way, which shows stuff from everyone even if you're not friends.

Upload Photos/Videos right into Activity Stream - Unless I'm mistaken, I don't believe we have this feature yet.

Update Polls  by allowing folks to poll right in the activity stream. Also, the polls feature doesn't seem to allow you to add as a module to another page. By this I mean, you can select it as a module on a page sure, but nothing shows up.

Notifications - If someone comments on something I've posted or a status update, I should receive a notification right on the site and in email that someone has commented. 

Last but definitely not least, 

Custom App - I would be willing to pay a lot more to have a custom app for my community... one that would provide rel-time notifications, etc. & I'm quite certain that I'm not the only one who would love this.

Anyway, these are just a few suggestions that will hopefully be considered in the near future....maybe not the last one but definitely the others :).

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  • Hi there!

    Mentions - I have seen in the documentation that our tech team is thinking how this functionality could be implemented on the networks, so it's already in the plans, but since there is no official confirmation I'm not able to tell that mentions would be implemented in this quarter.

    Share/reshare - correct me if I'm wrong, you wish to have sort of internal share option for the network?

    Likes - I have created the suggestion to add such functionality and updated several existing ones.

    Friend-only activity, and photo/video uploading - we already have these suggestions registered in the system so I have added your votes for them.

    Polls - that's basically the bug, so it should be corrected.

    Notifications - we have push notifications in plans for this quarter. You can find the most relevant information in announcements area.

    Custom APP - this would become possible only with the complete API, and all the works related to it are on pause until the next year.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

  • Hello Kyryl!

    Yes, some kind of internal share option would be really great!

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for specifying, I have created the suggestion in the system to create the sort of internal share option, and right now we should wait until the management would make their decision. In the meantime, you can use the likes for this purpose I suppose, as activity feed, if such option is enabled, would display the info that the content has been liked by someone.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

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