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Alternatives to Ning?

I am so angry today. I have been so patient with Ning. I can't handle the errors anymore. I send in tickets and for the 3rd time...another ticket is missing. I am launching in January and this is now officially a disaster. Activity feed not working, can't send private messages to members unless they are really short messages. If it is too long it gives me a fatal error message. I have tried to be patient. I need other options. Suggestions would be appreciated. Sorry Kyryl...I want to believe in Ning...but I am feeling that something is going on that is real bad for us as customers. Your network is exhibiting way too many glitches.

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  • Someone had to say it. Many of the issues now were not issues when the company first launched several years ago. I agree its tuff right now. It takes way to long to resolve issues. Basic things that were non-issues are issues now. 

  • I do know of quite a few former Ning creators who needed to escape from the Mode debacle, who have been very happy since their move to Jamroom.

  • Hi there!

    We do understand your fillings, however, we still that the progress of the platform is obvious and we are trying our best to resolve the issues as fast as it's possible regarding on the current plan and resources available.

    On the other hand, discussing our competitors here is a bit tactlessly and demotivates the team, as I'm not the only person reading the forum, product team is looking for ideas here, dev team always check comments under announcements of new features, well yeah I'm only the one person who is replying but I'm working in this direction already. 

    So what I have wanted to say, we don't remove such discussion like yours, however, some of the companies do on their forums, and if necessary we would have to use the same practices.

    Best wishes,

    Ning Team.

    • I sincerely apologize for my post kyryl. I have been very voicetrous in being a person who loves Ning. I was very upset the other day when I went to look at my tickets to find them missing for the 3rd time. It is scary. It makes me question whether or not my problems are going to be resolved if my tickets are missing amongst other things. I should not have asked for other alternatives to Ning on this platform. But in my defense...i was so upset at the time I wasn't exactly thinking clearly. I hope you will except my apology and your team has contacted me on my tickets and have assured me that they are working to get the problems resolved. Again I apologize and I am typically a Ning fan. Just had a bad day last week.
      • Hi Jennifer,

        No worries we are receiving all the email you've sent to us, and also we are sending teh email back if the issue were closed. It could be closed only in one case if the issue has been fixed. Of course, we can also send some emails to you in order to specify the certain information if we are not able to reproduce the issue on our end for some reason (maybe the conditions are simply not equivalent to yours etc).

        We are ok with critique, it's always helpful to see where are your weak points are but ... Anyway, let's move forward :-)

        Best wishes,

        Ning Team.


  • How has this been resolved?  Has a decision been made to continue through it all believing the best or?

This reply was deleted.

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