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NC for Hire

Did anyone ever add this? I had this question asked on my site, and have had it come up many times. I finally spent the time to write it. Hopefully this will work properly:

I don't think I've ever added this tip, because of the potential of a lot of questions for so many different cases. I searched to see if anyone added it, and couldn't find it. I suggest the following:

  1. The Blog and Forum Modules need to be placed in the wide column.
  2. The 2 modules must be one on top of the other. I will provide CSS for either case.
  3. Anyone reading this, and who plans on adding this CSS, please - - only use one block of code, below.


/* Blog and Forums Side by Side (Blogs on Top) - - In Wide Column */
.xg_widget_main .module_blog {width: 240px;float: left!important;}
.xg_widget_main .module_forum {width: 240px; float:left;clear: none;margin-left: 15px;}

/* Blog and Forums Side by Side (Forums on Top) - - In Wide Column */
.xg_widget_main .module_blog {width: 240px;float: left!important;clear: none;}
.xg_widget_main .module_forum {width: 240px; float:left;margin-left: 15px;}

I tested this on Creators, my test site, and a couple of other sites. It seemed to work very well. Anyone who tries this code, feedback is always appreciated.

Best Regards,

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    • NC for Hire

      Cool John! Thank you for the feedback.

      I was asked about scroll bars with this code. I added that to my site. I'll probably add here later.

      Have fun,


    • NC for Hire

      Thank you for your thoughtful and complimentary words, Michael. Happy to hear you've learned a lot from JenSocial.

      Hope you have a nice weekend,


  • is this code means like this example ?

  • Justin Farrow had a discussion on it a while back. I have been using it and it is great, however, since the new design center, I have a problem with overlapping in Internet Explorer. I am not using the new design center.  Been meaning to contact Justin and see if he is experiencing it. Jen, have you seen any problems in IE?
    • NC for Hire

      Sorry, I didn't know that Justin Farrow had added this tip. I searched and searched. But you know how that goes.


      I haven't checked this code in IE, sorry. I will when I have time.

      Have a nice weekend,


  • Here is the original discussion Jen:

    I checked Justin's site in IE, and he is not having the same issue that I am.

    • NC for Hire

      hmmm, that tip is for photos and videos, right? Or, am I missing something? Most NCs wouldn't be able to take that code and apply to forum and blogs.

      Regardless, thanks Maxx.

      • Justin--what does that piece of code do for IE?
  • I used to have forum and blogs next to each other, and movies and photos next to each other. The two latter is really difficult since you have to adjust many things to make photos and videos display properly. We spent a lot of time back then making it work.

    I don't use it anymore though, but I do like the idea and now that we can choose how many columns we wish to display I think I will think about using this again on some of my networks.

  • Yes Jen, you are correct it was originally for videos and photos.  But Justin also had used it for blogs/forums on his site and I was able to inspect his code for that.  I just now need to figure out why I am having issues in IE and you guys aren't.

    Also Jen, when this discussion originally started, I asked you about side by side text modules, which you didn't think was possible.  So if you figure out a way to do that, it would be amazing! =)

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