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  • Hi Gerard,

    Likes, shares and etc from Social Sharing tab would appear on your blogs, discussions, groups etc only if teh page is public. as I see it's necessary to log into your network in order to see any content, so I guess you have tick one of teh boxes in the Privacy tab. Please untick it make your network public and you will see the share options if you have activated them in Social Sharing tab. Also please note that each page has separate privacy settings, please check them as well to make sure that the page is definitely public.

    Why it's working so? Let's imagine that Facebook, for example, is the person, just regular human being. You are sending him the link that you wish to share, however, the content by the link is displayed only to the members of the network when the Facebook isn't and everything that he (I guess Facebook is a boy) would see is just the Sign in page. And that is exactly what would happen if you decide to like the private page or share it somewhere. Basically, instead of the content of the post the other social site would simply post Sign in page. That's why social sharing isn't available for the private pages.

    Hope this help

    Best wishes,

    Ning Team.

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