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Botched Migration

I recently attempted to migrate my site from Ning 2 to Ning 3 and had a horrible experience. This migration was started two months ago and is still not done. Here's what happened:

In Feb, I contacted Ning to ask about migrating. I got no reply. Suddenly, a Ning 3 site appeared 3 weeks later. Ok, I can work with that. I started to work on designing the site. I also contacted Ning again to coordinate  a data migration time. Again, no reply. After a couple of weeks and no reply, I went onto the Chat-Live-Thingy that appears on my site and talked to one of their techs, Alex, who said he was actually the person in charge of my site migration and that my prior unanswered mail was going into a spam folder and that he would mark it so that it would not happen again. We set the date for March 19 and Alex told me he would contact me and let me know when it was done. No contact ever came. Several e-mails and contacts through Chat later with other Ning people, I discovereed that Ning considered the migration to be complete, even though I identified a major problem and specifically mentioned that I had not heard back from Alex. Alex then got back to me and said that my mail had again gone into a spam folder and that he would fix it. That was in late March and nothing has changed since. The migration is not done, I am still operating my Ning 2 site, and out there sits my Ning 3 site, unfixed and untouched. I have not heard anything from anyone at Ning in 2 weeks.

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


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  • Grrrrr.   I'd keep bitching until they get it right.

    • If I knew how to get in touch with the CEO, I would do so. I've already tried everybody else. My  site has been on Ning for 14 years, you'd think that would count for something, but not so far.

      • I wanted to get in touch with the CEO as well. They are still attempting to migrate my site after 3 weeks of continuous problems.


  • NC for Hire

    i may be able to help you... ill send you my contact info 

    • What's up?

      • NC for Hire

        i sent you my contact info... thought we might be able to talk through a few of your frustrations...  i've been there..

  • Question: are you still being charged for the 3.0 site?

  • In august 2020 we moved from Ning 2 Ning 3. The reason for the move was because Ning 2 had so many bugs.

    We thought moving to Ning 3 would solve our problems. So we started the migration. Ning told us the migration would take 2 or 3 days. However, after a month the migration was still not complete. Our site was down the whole time during this migration. I eventually told Ning to stop the migration and we would use the new site as is. Basically we lost 10% of our network.

    Moving to Ning 3 did not fix our problems. Ning 3 still has some of the bugs that were on Ning 2, and along with them are new bugs. I have put in trouble ticket after trouble ticket to fix the bugs, but Ning has not fixed any of them yet.

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