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Changing backgrounds, pictures, CSS or files on a fly

A couple of years ago I started  a project on  that rotated backgrounds.  At first I thought it was great but then I noticed that the hits from switching created a massive delay actually Jen’s  from Jen Social pointed it out. I was quite puzzled how to overcome this time delay.  From my experience as a programmer (none Internet) I knew I could change the address of something by giving it a common address but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

A few weeks ago I was experimenting using my webhost “fatcow” and found I could use a common address and overwrite a file (using a common file)  Then I took it a step further and created a php file that listed all my backgrounds then used an if than statement to determine which background should be displayed.  Finally, I had to figure out how I was going to execute the php on a fly and then it all came together.

You can see this by on in the morning and afternoon, which is when I call the php to change the background.

To make the backgrounds or files change you need to do the following steps.

  • Make sure the background or file works to begin with.
  • Pick a common name for the master file
  • Go to Jen Social and grab these files
  • Look how it is laid out and edit it to  meet your needs, If you have problems or don’t understand it email me at I will help you
  • Have some way of running the php file.  If you webhost doesn’t have an auto execute then the next best thing is using which is a free service to schedule a job.
  • Then add the master common to your CSS so it can switch on a fly and Ning would never know the difference.

Sometimes when you change the background you need to change the xg_body or Nav bar or sign in image this is all done in the same timed program. You just need to test for what background will be used and use a ref to select it and add it to the program.

I get a lot of my code from Jen Social, and if you haven’t joined, it would benefit you to.  Her code is well tested.  So, I have been working on a new CSS layout and grabbed some of her stuff and realized if I do backgrounds on a fly I can change a lot of stuff at once.  Little more advanced lol.

If you decide to use the code, you might want to donate a few dollars to and definitely join our site to see talented artist at work. If not it’s okay, since Jen shares with me I will share with you.



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