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For long time we have this problema if the cover page. I am trying to ruuning a bussines on Ning. But There are few datails that compromisse my image with my members.

   I do have a Network for photographers. And no one, can use a nice pictures on there cover page. The size and format is cot acceptable. Just do not work. I see Ning costumers tired of complaining and seem to no care anymore about those details. Cause we know that will be not fix. no matter if we explain or not.
    How can I explain every day for my members about it and get not fixed? I am one asking for that, but I have 100s asking me to fix it.

We have a Facebook size that is totally acceptable. Can Ning just resize to exactly the size that the FAcebook uses? That would be no problem for anyone else.

I cut the photo a thousand times trying to hit the images with the size of the cover. Anyway this gets bad. On mobile my profile image move to the center of the image. I show it.


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  • Hi there!

    Unfortunately, we are not able to resize the cover area on all the network to be exactly the same as on the facebook. Byu the custom code could be used instead.

    This code will make the cover image on the web be the same size as the cover on the facebook:

    @media screen and (min-width: 481px) { .profileCoverArea {
    height: 315px;
    width: 851px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    } }

    The following code should be inserted in the custom CSS code section in the design studio.

    Regarding the avatar location on the mobile, please let me know where you wish it to be displayed and I'll see what we can do here.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

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