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While reading the discussion Music Chart, I remembered I had previously set up a group music center using Soundcloud's group feature. However, because this integration was previously only made possible through the Ning Apps, and they had been discontinued for new customers, I did not recommend them... But since Souncloud has since enabled embedding, I thought now might be the perfect time to share more information about it!

Now the first page I'm going to share is what I have been using since way back when on my 2.0 site - my 2.0 Soundcloud Music App. Now, keep in mind that Soundcloud has since improved their UI SIGNIFICANTLY - this is NOT what your site would look like!

Now for the new Soundcloud embed (with improved UI) on my 2.0 Soundcloud Music Page. First thing you'll notice is the difference in each track shown - it has a logo/profile photo for each band or musician and their username is listed at the top. Also, liking/sharing/downloading/buying etc is front and center, as is commenting... No more clicking on side tabs to get to them!

OK so if you're like me, by now you're starting to get a little hopeful and excited - but then you wonder... OK but will it work on 3.0? YES! I decided that I'd keep this as a page, since it's going to be for the entire network, but you could just as easily have it as a group or even a page inside a group - for example, this would be AWESOME for members of a group for Cry-Slurs (Advanced/Honors Choir) from my alma mater! So here it is - the 3.0 Soundcloud Music Page.

Please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them! I'll be in and out due to work, but I'll plan to share even more information (including a full tutorial) on Saturday if I'm not able to do it sooner :)

By the way - I did notice that you are not able to organize this group playlist at all, so I sent Soundcloud a message telling them that we're looking to integrate with Soundcloud on our sites, and requested this feature... So they might contact me looking to see if they can do anything else for us - I'll keep you updated and should they ask, I'll post another topic requesting suggestions :)

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  • Wonderful! Great work, Janettee! Thanks for going in hard on this issue, and making a lot of Ning network creators happy.

    You rock!

    • On the desktop, the DropBox widget is far too close to the text. However, on my Samsung Galaxy S Blaze, it looks perfect. Maybe one of the other widgets will work better for desktop, yes?

      The music also plays well on mobile, btw!

      • Yes, I noticed that, but it was the middle of the night and I was wanting my bed LOL. I'll need to adjust the layout - that's just a table :) Glad it works on mobile! :)

    • Thanks! Happy to help! :)

  • Hmm. There's just one little problem with this solution. Upload limits. 

    My suggestion to anyone who finds your solution agreeable, but is not interested in paying for extra SoundCloud server space, would be to impose limits. For instance, just feature a certain group of artists every month, and limit the number of songs per artist.

    Once my Ning 3.0 is open for business, I intend to purchase the Pro plan. This will not only allow me to add more songs, but to keep track of stats and more.

    • I didn't think about the upload limits - only problem with doing things in the middle of the night after work LOL. Let me see if maybe Soundcloud could work out a solution with us.

  • Janettee- First, I want to THANK YOU for looking into all this for us.  How generous of you!

    By the way - I did notice that you are not able to organize this group playlist at all, so I sent Soundcloud a message telling them that we're looking to integrate with Soundcloud on our sites, and requested this feature...

    Janettee- I'm not so anxious to organize or 'sort' the clips from various members as I am in having our members being able to SEARCH within the soundCloud music list- using keywords, which might include the title or the musician name, or a style description like 'fingerpicking' that the clip poster included in their clip's tags maybe?   --- Is the SC group music feature search-able on its own or within the group?

    Once my Ning 3.0 is open for business, I intend to purchase the Pro plan. This will not only allow me to add more songs, but to keep track of stats and more.

    Patrick- that's SoundCloud's Pro plan, right?  Yes, I can see where some of my members would immediately want to upload 300 of their songs...might be good to have limits.  Right now on my 2.0 I've always set our video/per/member limit to 100.  I remind folks that we are not Youtube, after all, and my Ning does have storage limits, though I have yet to reach them.

    As a musician's site, I've always also had the guideline in place that on any audio or video clip added, the member themself must be playing or singing in it in some way.  This has kept my video section and musicplayer very cohesive and useful for people trying to learn from watching others.  Keeps it from having people load all their favorite random YT clips or the entire Beatles   It also gives fair exposure to beginner player members as well- they post videos of themselves playing and they ask for feedback and help with their playing techniques.  All this combines to make our music player and video sections very lively and interactive and in keeping with the purpose of our site.   :)

    • Yes, SoundCloud Pro, Strumelia. What I should have said is that I will wait maybe a month or two after opening my Ning 3.0 site to sign up for their pro plan. By that time, I should be earning enough to afford it. 

    • You are quite welcome! :) I was thinking more along the lines of having a "top 5" or something... But I can see how "search" would be useful too! I don't remember seeing a search function on the site either.

      Great points about the upload limits as well as the rules - I'll bring that up with the Soundcloud team as well :)

  • P.S. Janettee- you have a pretty voice.   :)

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