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HI all

I wanted to share a simple tip that generated 7600 unique visitors and 34,000 page views in one day.

First you will need to make sure the facebook like button is activated on your site.

Next create a contest. For instance we did a photo contest. At the end of the contest the photo with the most likes won. We gave a 25 dollar gift certificate to the winner. (the gift certificate was given by one of our contest sponsors)

 The reason why this worked so well is our members solicited likes from facebook friends.

Each time a photo received a like that photo posted to the likers facebook page.

Other people on facebook would see the photo and then like it.

At one point we were getting over 5 visitors a minute from facebook.

The end result was more ad revenue for the day , increased memberships, and a very happy member who won the contest.


The contest can be anything  video, photo , forum post etc.

It was so successful we will be doing a monthly like contest.

I have added a screen shot of the traffic

let me know how it works for you


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  • that's a great idea, congratulations on it's success and thank you for sharing!
  • hi, great idea, How did you figure out who had the most likes?
    • That is the tough part


      what we did was put all the contest entries into the featured section

      This way we dont have to go through every picture ever added to the site.

      When the contest is over you have to manually review and see who has the most likes.


  • that's brilliant! Can't believe I never thought of this ha ha. Thanks a million!
  • Great idea. Is there a way at the end of the contest to determine who had the most Likes or did you have to go through each photo?
    • oh yeah! Good point!
  • Here is another idea utilizing facebook that I I have been meaning to try:


    Want a FREE Pass to the 2010 Performance Conference? Here's how...

    Change your profile picture to the MLS Conference Flyer, and within ONE WEEK try to obtain the most likes on the picture than the rest of your competition. Winner gets a FREE pass to the 2010 Performance Conference! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!            

    You can do whatever it takes to get "LIKES" on the photo. Post it as a status, send messages to all your friends, write on your friends wall. COMPETITION BEGINS WEDNESDAY (11/17) AT 12 A.M AND ENDS NEXT TUESDAY (11/23) AT MIDNIGHT! But start getting ready now!  

    First thing you have to do is write on our wall that you are entering the competition. GOOD LUCK!

  • Thank you so much for this suggestion! Please check out the Meaning of Love photo contest I've just added on my site!
  • We run it for a month at a time.

    However sometimes we do it for two weeks.

    If its working well and you get a ton of submission I would do more contests.

    Its really great for traffic

  • Great idea. 


    Off topic, question:

    How did you get the Adsense ad at the top of the page?


    Thanks in advance.


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