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NC for Hire

A few months back I showed you how to Add a QR Code to your Ning network the correct way.  Today, I am going to expand on this tip just a little more by sharing a simple trick that I discovered which may make your QR Coding life a bit easier.


Take look at this NOTE on my network for land surveyors and you'll see a QR code embedded for tutorial purposes.  This QR Code is linked to my network's homepage once it is scanned.  The way that I embedded this was not the way that I explained in the earlier tutorial, but rather I used a VIDEO Embed option which can be found in any text box or note on your network and hacked it.


First head to this QR Code Generator and plugin a URL you want to share (or anything you want the QR code to reference).  Then take the EMBED CODE that it generates for your new code and copy it.  Head back to your text box and click on the video icon>>>> paste the embed code in the pop-up box and there you go. 

QR Code


Download QR Code Readers

As well, there are many sources for free QR Code Readers for your smart phone.

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  • Meant to ask you the first time what this code is for.

    • NC for Hire

      you still don't know?

    • It's a barcode that when scanned (usually by a smart phone's camera) gives a description or information on a product or service. We have them on a lot of real-estate signs, food products, and such out here in the Chicago area.

      • Thanks, Jords. I am familiar with these codes and what they are used for. What I do not know what function they serve on our networks. From what you are saying, if someone scans the QR code on my network, information about my site will appear on their phone. But since they're already at my site, what would be the point?

        I must not have the right smart phone because I took a picture of one of these codes once, and nothing happened. :(

        • I apologize for the misunderstanding Thunder X. Yeah there direct use on our networks I am not quite sure of.

          • No need to apologize, Jords. I wasn't very clear in my question.

            • NC for Hire

              in my network I want members to be able to scan the code and take it a page with them into the field.  because my network is for support purposes, surveyors can find a helpful tutorial and then scan the page to take portable..

              sorry bout that Thunder...i thought you were effin with me..haha

              • Oh okay, i get it now! =]

                • No harm, no foul, J. Thanks for the info.

                  • You have to download the app first on your phone to scan QR Codes! There are ones that cost but the FREE ones have worked really good for me too.

This reply was deleted.

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