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NC for Hire

Hi NCs,

A few years ago I was talking about your own ning feedback page here. Similarly, Ning 3.0 has its own feedback page. Are you aware of that.

For your feedback page url would be something like this 

Here is an example 

Even you can replace Send Feedback word with your own custom image such as Contact Us etc.

Just paste the following code into Design Studio> Custom CSS.

.xg_widget_main_index_feedback h1.prose {
height: 117px;
background-image: url('');

Find us on facebook here

You can also contact me for any kind of ning custom jobs. Mail me

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  • hey Bernard, didn't realize this was a sales pitch forum...  good idea, but seemed a little too salesy for my liking..

    • hey Chris- I value all of Bernards posts and dont fint this to be a sales pitch. He has helped me with many Ning quick fixes and I always look forward to his comments/ideas

      What gives with this comment?

  • I always thought it was odd that Ning didn't promote this more. ideally, if modified, could make a great Contact Form if we could customize entry options and have the ability to upload files / images.

    • NC for Hire

      Good point and not that much different than the options we get when contacting Ning help from within the dashboard where the ability to attach is available.

      • My thoughts exactly. The base structure already exists, just needs to be modified. I have been framing Adobe Form Central lately and love it, but it's yet another 3rd party program i have to pay for.

  • Thanks Bernard for this info :)

    It may be a good contact form, with a few tweaks in language editor.

    • NC for Hire

      You are welcome Joanna, go ahead and give this a try with a few tweaks.

  • Wow, good to know.I did not even know we had it in 2.0.

  • That is because all the code from from that URL was copied, everything else, rewritten theoretically. So the report an issue page should still be there two, as well as a couple of other pages you may recognize (that's for overdue accounts) and of course the member management pages was left fully in tact for the core module thus far. See here, for custom code, and so on.

  • Kinda spammy and a waste of time to read. I do hope our new admin deletes this. I would in my forum.

This reply was deleted.

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