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  • Which part do you want to change ?

  • Here we go James, this will change all the parts for you. I have also added it to a page on my site as may be easier to copy the code there as the pages are bigger :  Event Page Changes

    First a few images to show the changes


    Code for changing all details wording from Events to Castings.

    Code is to go in the Social Site Manager End Of Page Section.

    First add  a New Event Page and name this page Castings  , this is important as the code looks for that page name.



    // change events to casting by John Bizley 2020
    var changeH3All = ".page-castings .eventListPage .module-header h3.module-name";
    var changeH3Past = ".page-castings-list-past .module-header h3.module-name";
    var changeH3My = ".page-castings-list-my .module-header h3.module-name";
    var noMatch = ".page-castings-list-my .entry-emptyPageMessage, .page-castings-list-past .entry-emptyPageMessage";
    var noMatchUp = ".page-castings .entry-emptyPageMessage";
    var optionDropEdit = '.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .optionsEdit';
    var optionDropFeature = '.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .optionsFeature';
    var optionDropForward = '.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .optionsForward';
    var optionDropDelete = '.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .optionsDelete';
    var navAllCast = '.page-castings ul.subnav li > a:contains("All Events")';
    var navUpCast = '.page-castings ul.subnav li > a:contains("Upcoming Events")';
    var navPastCast = '.page-castings ul.subnav > li a[href$="/past"]';
    var navMyCast = '.page-castings ul.subnav > li a[href$="/my"]';
    x$('.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .icon-feature').closest('li').addClass('optionsFeature');
    x$('.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .icon-edit').closest('li').addClass('optionsEdit');
    x$('.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .icon-forward').closest('li').addClass('optionsForward');
    x$('.page-castings #eventPage-optionsDropdown .icon-trash').closest('li').addClass('optionsDelete');
    x$('.page-castings .page_header .pull-right a.button.button-iconic i').text("Add Casting");
    x$('.page-castings .page_header .pull-right a.button.button-iconic ').attr('title','Add Casting');
    x$(' .eventEditPage-steps > label:nth-child(1)').text("Create a Casting");
    x$('.page-castings .inviteMembersPage .module-byline > a').text("< Back to Casting");
    x$(' form#entry-form .entryEditPage-title').attr('placeholder', 'Casting Name');
    x$('.page-castings .entryEditPage-imgTitle').text("Casting Image");
    x$('.page-castings a.entryEditPage-deleteLink ').text("Delete Casting");
    x$('.page-castings .eventDetailPage .entry-headline > div:nth-child(2) > a:nth-child(3)').text("( See other Castings )");
    x$(navAllCast).text("All Castings");
    x$(navUpCast).text("Upcoming Castings");
    x$(navPastCast).text("Past Castings");
    x$(navMyCast).text("My Castings");
    x$(noMatchUp).text("No Castings As Yet");
    x$(noMatch).text("No matching Castings were found");
    x$(changeH3All).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("All Events", "All Castings");
    x$(changeH3Past).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("Past Events", "Past Castings");
    x$(changeH3My).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("My Events", "My Castings");
    x$(optionDropEdit).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("Edit Event", "Edit Casting");
    x$(optionDropFeature).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("Feature Event", "Feature Casting");
    x$(optionDropForward).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("Copy Event", "Copy Casting");
    x$(optionDropDelete).html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("Delete Event", "Delete Casting");


    FAO James Slater Event Details Change
    Code for changing all details wording from Events to Castings. Code is to go in the Social Site Manager End Of Page Section. First add  a New Event P…
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