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Hi, I need to set up conversion tracking of my website . for this purpose I have installed a GTM code (ID GTM-NB6RPTX). I see there is already another existing GTM code on the website (ID: GTM-T5W4WQ) - please see the screenshot. There's a chance they both may work together, however, I have been informed of malfunctions. As in the new GTM from my account is tracking the basic clicks 50% of time. It has the All Clicks trigger, that has to fire on ALL clicks ALL time.
Please see the videos of the screen for better picture of the problem.

My question is - What is being tracked by the original GTM code that I as I was told is setby the system by default?
I set the new GTM code through the "Custom HTML" section of the CMS, the code consists of 2 parts, second one needs to be after opening body tag. The Custom HTML section only has the head and "end of code" placement options. So that may be the reason for problems. The original GTM code by the system is installed perfectly on the other hand.

Could you please look into this and help make sure that my GTM is firing 100% time and is places correctly.




2 GTM codes on


Click are not tracked almost at the same time.mp4


Clicks are tracked.mp4

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  • I also opened a support ticket. No response so far over there as well.

    Does anyone over here using Google Tag Manager on ning community? Are you seeing any issues?



  • So surprised. No response from Ning or on this forum.


    Wondering if I am the only one using Google Tag Manager/Analytics?

  • Still waiting. Wonderful, if I am posting on the right platform.

  • Hello Naveen! 

    I apologize for keeping you waiting, but, unfortunately, we do not have an answer yet. 

    Once there is a reply from the Tech Team Alex will update you in the ticket. 

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

    • Hi team, it has been more than 2 weeks and there is no meaningful response.

      We are running a professional network on Ning. Is this the right platform to run such networks if there is no meaningful response to simple questions like this.


  • No response so far.

    • Hello Naveen! 

      Unfortunately, your question is still under research. I apologize for long waiting. 

      I or Alex will send you an email once we have a reply. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

This reply was deleted.



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