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Well its more so...information.  Although I am a bit incognito on the site, I would not have been able to develop my biggest accomplishment without the help of the ning community. I know how hard it is trying to be a social entrepreneur or small business owner with limited startup capital. You are required to wear many hats and consulting can be very expensive. I have found another community of sorts to help me with services to improve my site that I could not otherwise afford called Everything cost five dollars and upgrades may cost a bit more. Also, the ning community is very innovative, and it may be another way to generate some income selling gigs to other business who don't necessarily desire to run their own social network, but could use tech advice.

Here are a few of my purchases for 5 bucks.  I have been trying to get a wkipdia page to drive traffic to my site, but I needed more independent sources. Well here is how I got them.

1. publish your tech article on a PR4 website-5

2. create a detail wkipdia page for you--5

3. write a minimum 100 to word review about your website and post it to my PR4 blog, 9000 Twitter Followers and Facebook Fan page-5

4.make a professional, personalized, HD video with me as your spokesperson for $5.00 for this one I purchased a couple upgrades which include using my logo as the background and background music for a 30sec spot. Total cost 20.00

This is just a few of my purchases to give you an idea of what kind of services you can get. Hope this helps those who are trying to ball on a budget. You can check me out at

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  • very cool. i joined and looking around was like 'ohhh i want that...and that... and that!'  Its so much easier than trying to do it all myself. thanks!

    • Just remember to keep a tab on the five dollars....they can add up quick. I am addicted to that site. It has helped me a lot, but it is to good to not share.

      • Hi creator,
        Good post. Am looking into it. I am curious what software are using for the socialworker site and the job board. I have been looking around for a cheap but efficient job board for my site but have not had one yet. I will be very grateful if you share yours with me.
        Thanks in advance.
        • the job board is actually a partner, I have no idea what platform is being used.

        • For my main site, I am using wordpress. If I had to guess, I would say the job board is wordpress with a job board theme (which can be purchased).

  • NC for Hire
    Careful that you're not buying paid links with some of these tips. Matt Cutts at Google will personally fist fight people he knows to be indulging in such practices. :-)
    • excellent advice. i would join matt in that brawl. i am more interested in things like graphics & video promotion and the like.  sometimes its just easier to hire someone to do things.

      • I am not sure how long this site is going to last, but I plan to take full advantage of it. It's like a flea market for tech geeks. Awesome!!!  If you want to check out the video that I got for- 20 bucks.... go to my about page to view video I received it after I made the post here. I think it elevates my site's look and feel. Let me know what you think.

        This is the profile for the guy that did my work Like with any flea market, you got to sift the some unwanted stuff to find a jewel. Send me a friend request and I will be happy to share my list of jewels. I mainly use for seo, marketing, and production. If you hire someone, to do your graphics, make sure you discuss up front and have them do an agreement that you own rights after completion. There is a lot of logo design and book cover gigs, so with anything be careful and read reviews. I have not used this type of service, but I do plan to use one for a book cover. I'll keep you posted.

        • Great video. I like it :)

          • Thanks a bunch....and thanks for stopping by.

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