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How do you kill a Ning Network?

Maybe an odd need among the active Ning Admins here, but how do I kill this thing?

My network started in 2008, we're about 10K members, and I wanted to be able to control when we went offline. Is there a "delete" or "take offline" option I don't see?


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  • Yes it should be under privacy settings. The network creator will see the option to take the site offline.

    • Hi there!

      Using privacy settings you can only make the network closed what means that already registered users would be able to log in.

      If it's necessary to make the network inaccessible for the certain period of time please contact our support, and we will be glad to assist you.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.

  • If you realy mean you want to KILL it... just stop making the  payments and see how quickly it dies !  LOL

    • Can you actually do that? Once they have your credit card, they have it for ever.

      • Elshara, you're kidding, right?  You just call your credit card company (or simply log in, if you have your credit card account access setup online) and cancel any recurring payment you want to, at any time.  You are in control of your credit card.  Always.  However, if you've paid say for a year in advance for a ning network, you may not get refunds for unused months remaining.  You can debate that with Ning billing if you like, but Steve was just asking how to KILL his network.

      • Hi there!

        The recurring subscription could be canceled by contacting us via email, live chat or phone. Also, the credit card information isn't stored forever, it could be removed on demand, it's just necessary to contact us with such request. The card or PayPal details cannot be removed from the system only in case if you have only one payment method attached and when you have an active subscription, in cases when you have canceled the recurring subscription we can remove event the last payment method on demand.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

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