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There are several reasons for the want to customize the number of profiles which are displayed per page on the Members Page of your ning network.  For example, if you have only One column of members (image#3), visitors to your site who are interested in the other members who are present will have to turn several pages when sifting, thus increasing # of page views.  If you would rather have only Two columns of members (Image #2), you will accomplish the same thing but may only want Two instead of Three (Image #1) for aesthetic reasons.  I am going to show you how to control the number of members which show up per page on your ning network with one simple block of CSS, added to your Advanced section of the new design studio.


By default, you will see 3 columns of members on your members page of your network, like so:


Let's say you would only like 2 columns because you think the 3 columns look to cluttered, as I have on my network and as shown in this image below:

Here is the CSS code that you need to add:


.xg_widget_profiles_friend .member_item, .xg_widget_profiles_members .member_item {width:255px !important;float:left !important;margin-right: 1px !important;clear:none !important;}



OK....lets go for broke and imagine that you only want 1 column because you hope to maximize the number of page views in the member section, take a look:

Here is the CSS code that you need to add:

.xg_widget_profiles_friend .member_item, .xg_widget_profiles_members .member_item {width:355px !important;float:left !important;margin-right: 1px !important;clear:none !important;}

[Notice for the 1 column option, you need to only change the number in red from 255px to 355px.]  Personally, I think visitors will get tired of paginating with the one column, but there are reasons for doing it this way.



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  • pretty neat! you always come up with good stuff jfarrow... do you know if it will work in the old design editor?
  • NC for Hire
    i am pretty certain that it will, as it was some of the code that I transferred over from my advanced section in the old editor..
    • cool, i may toss this in my network, thank you for sharing.....never can get too many page views, eh?
  • Hi,

    I tried your code and it does work, however it stills puts the same number members on a page so you don't have an increase in the # of pages, just longer pages. More scrolling; not any increase in page views. 21 members on one page with 3 columns and 21 members on a longer page with 2 columns. Didn't try the single column that would definitely end up with a lot of scrolling. You have to come with a way to limit the actual number of members on a page or restrict the height of your page. Good idea to increase number of member pages but this doesn't do it.


  • NC for Hire
    @James Like I said....this is an may not be for everyone, but someone might find use in it...i could probably figure out a way to restrict height of page with CSS too..i may try that out for the heck of it..
  • Nice but l would like more members to show up!
  • How come it displays the location? I can't see that in mine :/
  • Can this be applied to the member advanced search pages too?

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