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Hi I'm new to Ning and we're setting up this platform for a client who aren't the most tech-savvy but will be in charge of basic running of the site.

I've looked through the help articles and forum posts but didn't spot anything to solve this for me.

Is there a way to set permissions by account role to limit what options an "admin" / "editor" type role can have in the Ning toolbar?

Would be ideal if it could be set up so that a suer group could have access to:

  • Member Management
  • Content Management

But not have access to:

  • The Social Site Manager
  • Design Studio

There's far too many options available in those tabs which could have dire consquences if someone changed one without realising. At the same time though, this is going to be a member only site with comment moderation. This means that ideally they would only need access to the management of the members and content

Is there some obvious setting that I'm missing or does anyone have a clues to how to go about this? Using Ning3 if that helps ( I went down a small rabbit hole with the Ning 2 help results from google searches!)

Many thanks!

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  • You can create categories like I did and only give the person in that category access to say add blogs etc. I have blogs set so no member can add a blog unless they were in the category as a blogger .

    • Thanks for that, that's good to know as well, I'll be needing that!

      My original request as more about limiting:

      Which Kyryl below has unforntuantly confirmed that this isn't possible just yet :(

      Will have to write some strong handover 'dos' and 'donts'! :)

  • Hi there!

    Unfortunately, only admins could have access to the Member Management and Content Management and it's not possible to have the different tires for admins. But as I remember we have the suggestion registered in the system with teh request to add the ability to assign moderators roles. And it sounds very similar to your question, so I will add your vote there. Once teh management would make any decision regarding this functionality I'll let you know.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team. 

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