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Dear Creators, please give me some perspective, I want you to tell me if I was handled correctly or if I am just emotional right now. Because I am on Super Sayan God Form of Anger right now and I am about to leave this Network right now drop my members and do something else with my life. In 5 seconds I went from a credit of $525.67 on my account to $300 plus dollars taken out of my bank account for I do not know what, all in one day at the end of the month like I have no bills. But that is not even the main issue.

I have been a member of this community for 7 years I have always paid for my networks top billing with less than 1,100 members. To some of you that’s crazy but whatever I have been happy. I even paid during the long hiatus and changes whatever. This brings me to today.

Today both my networks were taken down and I was left with a 404 message on both. It is amazing that fate would have this happen to me today as, I have just made an alliance with someone after a few years conversation and I was bragging of how reliable my site was, and why they should move to my platform. Well there goes a smack in the face as they were watching.

I was told it was because I did not pay. How is that possible when my credit card info is in the system when you start a NING site and you have to choose a plan, those are the beginning criteria. I believe there was a glitch on the NING side and instead of fixing it or giving me the courtesy of an email or call to discuss they just SHUT ME OFF. They say the system did it automatically. OK, well take some money from my credit right that’s what you think would happen, but no they wiped the credit and charged me $393 plus all in one day like I have no bills to pay at the end of the month. 

You can read the transcript for yourself. We spent 2hrs on chat and he asked repeatedly do I want both of my networks on and me saying YES.

Once we did get it, he gave me this message and said I had to fix on my end. 

Which the error was not on my end. And while I tried to figure out my settings that were made ohhh so many years ago, and write a response, He bailed on me while I was typing a response with screen prints so no confusion.

You tell me if I’m hot for no reason or if this was a huge FU to me and my network? 

Why cant I get an email if their is an issue with payment?

Where is the Migration I was promised so im not eating these charges forever?

In customer service your loyal customers are not the ones that never have an issue, but the one that has an issue and you do your best to resolve it. Those are your loyal clients. Today me and my site was not valued.


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  • And I found out it is more than $300 they took. OMG!!! 

    I need a break from the internet cause im gonna explode.

  • Hi there!

    First of all, I do apologize for any misunderstandings.

    In order to explain why such issue has happened, I would describe how the system is working. So you have two networks connected to the one profile, which means that the billing status of any of them could affect your profile status. The status of the profile depends on the paid invoices if there is even one unpaid invoice on any of the networks connected to the account that would affect the status of the whole profile and the other networks connected. The status of the network is getting changed according to the billing policy available by the link, the paragraph which would describe the status is called "Overdue Payment". In few words, the status would be changed and several restrictions would be applied to the account depends on the period of time that has passed since the invoice has been posted. As you have created the second network for the transfer purposes after the 14th day there was an attempt to charge your account according to our billing policy, as the payment wasn't successful the automatic email has been sent to the email address registered on the account. Then such email has been sent once a week until the networks have been taken down on the 60th day of overdue status. As I have mentioned before as the overdue affects an account so both networks have been taken offline, unfortunately. Then as you have paid for one of your networks and it has been taken down the system has issued credit on your Ning account for the time that hasn't been used, that is why you have seen the credit on your account of $525.67. Then this credit has been used during the restoration of your networks. You have mentioned that $300 have been taken from your account but according to our records that invoice hasn't been paid, in such case could you please double check this information with your bank and let us know whether such amount has been taken off or not, based on this information we would contact you back with necessary details required to find the transaction itself. I hope that something is a little bit more clear to you, however, if you have any questions about the billing please let us know.

    Now about the network that you have created for the transfer purposes, as the transfer isn't available yet, we have adjusted the invoice of $300 posted because of it and right now it would be hosted for free till the migration script would become available, so you won't be paying for it until it would become your main one, so you can work on the design there if needed it won't be taken offline.

    Apologies for any inconveniences once again.

    Please let me know if you have any other question that I could help you with.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • I thank you so much for letting me work until the migration script is ready. The last i checked I saw the $300 pending to be paid I will see what went through on my bank side. I did calmed down by the next day, and my affiliate and I had a phone convo and laughed it off and decided to just try again this weekend.

      My issue was really that I needed 1 more second to hit enter on my conversation to find the last resolution and he cut me off, but im over that now. I am still wondering why the system did not send me emails in this case, as it usually does. Believe that I checked on my end.

      As I am back to regular Goku now and no one got destroyed, I will verify my bank statement and call the billing number if I have an issue. I really appreciate you for letting me work till the Migration script and thank you so much for the response. 

      • Hi there!

        We do apologize for actions taken by our support representative.

        I have already had "pleasant" conversation with him regarding this case, he simply hasn't seen that you are typing something but as usual, we can see if somebody is typing.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

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