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Preparing for GDPR

Hi, I'm coming to this a bit late and maybe there is material on the site already about it, please signpost if so.  Is Ning doing anything to help or prepare for this new data protection law which will affect all EU-based organisations?  I think Ning will be a data processor, and I don't know where to look for stuff about data security, for example.  Any other network owners doing this?

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  • Hi there!

    Thanks for the question. We do aware of the changes to teh data protection law in EU and we are working towards compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Hi Ning Team,

      Any news on your work towards compliance with GDPR since your last post n this? If not, I'll need to shut down our community before May 25.

      Best regards,


      • Hi there!

        Yep, we are going to finish the rework of sign up page so it would fit the requirements of the new regulation. According to the plan, this should be finished until the end of the next week. Also, the terms and conditions and the privacy policy would be updated on the networks, at the moment our lawyers are making the final proofread of them.

        Best wishes,

        Ning Team.


        • Any update? 

          • Hi there!

            The changes right now in test phase in the test environment. Our QA team is checking everything to retrieve any bugs that could appear.

            Best regards,

            Ning team.

            • Thanks for the update.

            • Cutting it close, any update?

  • Hi, whilst I understand changes to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and sign up page are being made, is there anything that needs to be done for existing users of a site?

    It's a myth that all organisations have to ask you for your consent under GDPR; there are 6 bases you can use to hold personal data (legitimate interest is one).

    However there are aspects as a network creator / Administrator that need to be understood about GDPR and in some cases acted, for example security of storage of personal data in backups of the site.

    Any advice or signposts would be useful.

    best regards


    (Our NING site running for over 10 years)


    • Hi there!

      In order to make sure that the existing users are notified about the changes in the Privacy policy and Termes&Conditions, you can send the broadcast message with this information, also don't forget to include the links to the policies.

      Regarding the safety of the data, we do follow the principles “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” highlighted in the GDPR, also we do monitoring of the inner vulnerabilities in order to make sure that new updates don't affect the security.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.


  • Will Ning provide text and links to new policy for us to broadcast out to existing users? Thanks

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