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switching to a 2 column layout (left side is best for ads)

has many benifits

  1. each column is wider  a medium rectangle ad performs way better then a wide skyscraper ad and now fits in your wider left column this ad format also alows video ads which pay more too and being shorter but wider take up less vertical space fir a cleaner look.
  2. wider main modules area  this is really ice for the photo slideshow it gives more impact
  3. the 2 column layout looks less confusing and cluttered
  4. ad revenues nearly doubled instantly when switching to 2 medium rectangles in the left column and 1 leaderboard above the header

few implementing tips

  • before switching layouts go to feature layout move everything in the  1 column to the column thats common to all pages. be sure everything is moved before changing layouts
  • when creating new adsense ad units always use channels to track  performance then make all channels available to use as placements. fewer ads use placements but when an ad uses targeted placement they do pay  higher rates
  • if you use a welcome area  maybe with custom content like featured picture of the week  this gives you more room to play with too so use the added space wisely
  • some features you had in narrow columns before concider moving to the main wider column now. example i had blogs as only blog titles in a narrow column now moved them to the bottom of the wide column with details this also increased use of blogs even though it was all the way at the bottom

i was especialy surprised at how drasticly revenues increased nearly doubling every day this week since switching layouts

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  • That sounds great.  I might play around with this and see if I can make a 2 column format work for us.
  • Can you tell me how wide (in px) the persistent column is in the two column layout?
    • its a couple px wider then googles medium rectangle ad  324 i think and the medium rectangle is 300x250


  • This sounds great, and thank you for presenting so clearly with do's and don'ts.  A two column is easier to manage as well. I was just starting to "accept" a three-column layout as it works well in some cases, but really find it cluttered most of the time.
  • I'd love to see this before I switch -- most of our ads are self hosted.  Can you post a link to your site?
  • This reply was deleted.
    • what networks that?

      • This reply was deleted.
        • if u have issues i can sghare ythe css that fixed it


This reply was deleted.

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