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Should I or shouldn't I?

I was a member YEARS ago with the NING 2.0 and LOVED IT!  I stepped away and was considering coming back to develop another membership site...

HOWEVER; I am reading a LOT of negative things about the new platform.  Is it so "clanky" that I should hold off OR would you suggest it's okay to move forward in bringing in a group of about 400 members?

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  • Hi Scott,

    Well, I guess you have read lots of the posts here and it shouldn't be news to you that our company is running Ning for about a year. Basically, the team has started to work with it in November last year, since then we are constantly trying to bring it up to date, however, there are lots of things that we have to do still, as basically, the platform has been in stagnation for almost three years, and right now it's necessary to compensate all of the time wasted. And that is what exactly we are doing. You may also have seen that the new platform is getting updated constantly, and basically all the features created by us so far have been requested by the creators, as we think that platform of such type should be created especially for its users.

    Also, we are not removing any discussions here (unless it is obviously a spam) even the negative ones, so basically you can see them all, as we are sure that any relationships should be built on trust.

    Anyway, you are the person who should decide... If the functionality of the platform suits your needs then welcome on board, we will be glad to assist you with the site creation :-)

    Best wishes,

    Ning Team.

  • Personally, 2.0 holds more merit in my opinion. You could do more with it for less. If money isn't an issue, notifications of content to both search engines and emails are as far as Ning 3.0 goes.

  •   OK here's my thoughts. I'm in a similar boat but i'm bringing in thousands of people when i return. For what you need Ning currently is really good. Lots of customizing options. Currently right now, it's a better platform than 2.0.  I say go in and give it a try. 

  • Dear Bland, I am here from the year 2008 and I loved the way Ning is moving. Will recommend it fully.

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