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This week, one of my communities hosted 2 worldwide events - International Surveyors Week 2018 and Survey Earth in a Day 7.  One of the challenges this presented was keeping everyone on the same page.  One of the ways this was accomplished was by creating a multi-panel Hero unit for the site (which is currently on 2.0 awaiting the migration-which is hopefully coming soon).  The following Hero template uses no javascript and it is simple to customize and easy to install.   Here is what we are making:

I am providing you with the code to accomplish this on your own or if it seems too complicated or if you would like for me to customize it for your community, send me a message on my profile and i'll help you for a fee or in trade.  Let's get started:

See the Pen CSS Grid: Multiple image hero block by JFarrow (@JFarrow) on CodePen.

First thing you will want to do is either fork a copy of the following pen into your own codepen account or copy and paste the HTML and CSS into a notepad to edit it with your own links and background images (which you change inside the CSS).   HTML part goes into a page module (under header in 3.0 or inside a Ads Box under header in 2.0)

The CSS portion will go inside your Design Studio CSS.  HTML portion goes inside a page module.

Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever...or if you need someone to help you set up any aspect of your community.  Enjoy!

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  • How cool is that.  Thanks for sharing JF!

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