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NING said they will integrate the super-useful but rarely-used Quick Add drop-down into the Activity Feed, so members can add content like photos or blog posts directly from the Main Page. But before that, you still can have these Quick Add links and make them useful.

Base on this discussion and thanks Mike for the idea and the code. I recreate it. Should be more light and performance. But you need to do more steps.


Add more share links below the status box in main page. Looks like this:


1. Edit any text box in the main page. Add the HTML code into the text box for the links:


Right click to download the HTML code here: activity_share_links.html

You can modify it. Remember to paste it in the HTML Editor view. If you don't know which text box should be used. I suggest you pick one that only displayed in main page. The links won't display at the first time, it doesn't matter which text box you used. Because it only for main page. So pick one text box that only displayed in main page is better.


2. Go to the Custom Code, add this line for YUI 3 if you don't have yet:

<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>


3. Copy the url link of this Javascript file: ningActivityFeedShareLinks.js


4. Go to the Custom Code, add this line for the Javascript file you just copied. 

<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script> 


Save and you get it!!


Here is the content of  the Javascript file:



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  • NC for Hire

    thank you for this great!  


  • The idea for this  tip originally came from my post.  Glad I started a movement, lol
    • I'm sorry Antavius. I just happened to saw Mike's discussion.
  • We should pay the increase payment to you.

    How ning can not come with this ideas why they are so late

  • These Are The Links For The Quick Add But The Main Trick Is Getting The Buttons In The Share Links To Act As Those!


    <div class="activity-share-links" style="text-align: right; display: none;">Share: <a href="/main/quickadd/photo">Photos</a> <a href="/main/quickadd/video">Video</a> <a href="/main/quickadd/post">Blog</a> <a href="/main/quickadd/discussion">Discussion</a> <a href="/main/quickadd/event">Event</a> <a href="/main/quickadd/invitation/new">Invite</a></div>

  • For some reason it's not working for me.  I'm sure there's something I'm not doing right but I can't figure it out.  I've followed the steps (or so I thought) but to no avail.  Please help!
This reply was deleted.

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