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Hi there,

We have to ask, Why we going to use this option?

The answer is: To reward member to get engaged to the website. Simple.

   In this scenario we have a problem. Let's say: Some people are not very honest members, they will upload as many photos they need to get the points. So they get the rewards, and have no reason to came back. Because it become a easy game with no Fan at all.

It must be difficult to get those points. Must be challegen.

The solution would be: To get back with limited upload. Like We choose 10 uploads per day,  or 5 so on.... Also we can sell a membership, where they can upload more pictures per day.

Imagine a game where we star as Level 1or just member, Level 2 or enthusiastic, Level 3 or Pro.. And so on....

This will give the felling that they need to get to the top. And the top can't be easy. We create a problem, where they can't get there that fast, and sell the solution ( membership ) where make a bit easy....

Every body will be happy and we can make some money with a payed membership.

This will work to any kind of business. From a seller give some discount, members collaborating with blogs, article, collecting things that can be given. A photo contest and so on...

PS: Get some point to share on Facebook would be very important.....

Hope to make it clear,

Did you got the point?

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  • Hi Fabricio,

    Yep, I did. It looks like a free to play model in online games. Which is giving you two options basically, you can spend lots of time in order to achieve something or you can pay and make the process easier for yourself.

    As usual, the suggestion is in the system and has been sent for the review, I'll update you if I hear something about that.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Hi,

      Hope to get good news from you... :)

    •  Hi Kyryl, How are you doing?

          Do you have any sugestion to solve this problem? Feels such a fool to reward some one to get like 10 000 points, and the only thing they need to do, is upload 200 pictures at once from they computer, and get all the points at once.

      We have a meeting and Got the conclusion, that is not good looking.  That would make us look like a fool people. :(

      • Lower the points for photo upload
      • Hi there!

        Well you can lower the points for photo upload like Thisisbully has suggested, also you may turn on the photo approval and this how you can control this. In addition the members how are trying to "cheat" could be suspended or removed from the network.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

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