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Don't know if anyone has noticed that your categories you may have added are now compiled into one Link in your nav called Albums. Nice of Ning to tell use they did this and really don't know why they did it !?

So what happens is now all your categories are now gone into this one link which is going to be confusing for your members when they add photos as the categories box to choose from is still called categories and not albums. I have added two tips to help you with this below.

When you now click the Albums link it now loads a new page similar to your photos list page listing all the categories. So now than rather just clicking on one of the categories in the nav bar you now have to click the Albums link to get to the categories which has to now load the new page for them, then to choose a new category you have to click the Albums link again or back in your browser to load the page again to select a new one.

Ning why have you done this as it was much simpler to choose a catagory from the nav bar with out have to load a new page everytime you want to choose a category. Seems a lot of extra clicks and loading of pages for no reason.


1. First one is if you want to change the wording of the Albums link back to categories so not to confuse your members.

Go to your Social Site Manage and select the language editor in the menu, then click edit next to the language you are using and in the search box type in All Albums and click search. When it comes up you can change the wording in the right hand box to what you want so add Categories then go to the bottom of the page and click save. This will now have changes the All Albums to Categories. Don't worry you can always go back and change it if you want by following the same procedure as above.

2. If you want to KEEP the All Albums link as it is you can add this code into your Social Site Manager > Custom Code > End Of Page section to alter the wording of the Categories select box title to "Add To Album"  ( Note you can change that text for what ever you want ) So now your members will not be confused with the Albums and categories as they are the same thing.

Here is an example of the change

10858337653?profile=RESIZE_584xHERE IS THE CODE NEEDED

x$('.photoEditPage-entry .entryEditPage-categoryContainer > label').text("Add to Album");

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  • NC for Hire

    Bizz to the rescue!   Thanks Bizz...

    So annoying how they do this to us with no warning..

  • NC for Hire

    It would also be nice to know how this Free Access functionality works... they dropped it in the dashboard with no information...

    • From what I can see is that if you make a page like a blog etc as paid content ie behind a paywall so only people who pay to see the content can but you can asign particuler group or certain members free acces to it even though it's behind a paywall. So you click in the tick box then in the fields below select a group or member/s. To select a member or members just start typing and a members list will come up for you to choose from, you add multiple members much like how you add tags. Once the page has been saved then those group/s or member/s have free access to this paid content page. To remove then just go back to the page and remove the ones you want to not have free access anymore.

      It could be used for something like say a member has had trouble accessing the page even though they paid which you sorted out so now they can access the page but may have lost a couple of days subscription to the page so you could asign them some extra days using the free access etc.

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